Fracas as pr0stitute hikes lula lula fee from ZW$50 to US$5 after having se_x with church elder


Saturday night on my way home towards midnight I was stopped by a man who looked very desperate. I stopped, rolled the window slightly and gave him an ear.

He had recognized me so I was his only hope. He had “catched” one of the red light district girls. After whatever they did the lady hiked her fees from $50 bond to $5US, apa he had no money left after giving her the 50 bond.

So he begged me to borrow him $5USD, in order to protect his dignity because the woman was threatening a war, she was gonna call for back up and she was gonna film the fracaz on camera and expose him, apa the guy is a church official.

I agreed to help him on condition that he gives me something as collateral, but when she saw that I was willing to help him she then hiked it to $50 Usd and had confiscated the guys’s car keys.

Luckily, I had the 50USD, he gave me a Laptop as collateral, gave her the money and she disappeared into the night to look for another victim, that’s when he discovered that she had stolen his other cellphone phone and other small items as he was negotiating with me.

A friend of mine who stays in the Avenues area says such extortion cases happen daily these days; no one reports to the police because it fumuraz (embarrasses) the victim kuti he was keching pr0stitutes.

But some of the guys return back with back up for ma recovery, that’s when you hear stories of pr0stitutes being beaten up or killed, and people are quick to equate the cases with domestic violence, no ma recovery.

So I met the guy yesterday morning, he gave me back my money and I returned his laptop. I advised him to stay away from those ladies. He said the lady was very nice before the act, as soon as it was done she totally changed into a new person, hiked her fees and started making threats, and I hear the threats are not empty threats at all.

So guys, stay away from those ladies.

Well, speaking as a man who has spoken to these ladies’ clients… most women kudzimba use se_x as a weapon, if she wants something from her man anomunyima, if she is angry about something anomunyima as punishment.

Women know the aggressiveness ine male se_x drive thats why they use se_x as a weapon, end result the guy ends up going to pr0stitutes because anenge asingadi kuita a sidechick…

Its a complicated thing just like what my brother has said. Se_xuality yevarume is so different from yevakadzi so if you approach it pachikadzi you will never understand it.

– Taken from Clive Mono Mukundu Facebook page

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