Residents living in fear as ghosts wreak havoc in bathrooms at Mutare hostels


Matida Hostels residents in the eastern border town of Mutare are reportedly living in fear of ghosts which they claim are haunting the place.

According to the residents, the ghosts are being seen in the bathrooms and main corridors during the night, disturbing their peace. Some residents claim that these uninvited guests are causing their children to have bad dreams.

The residents believe that the departed individuals who lived in the hostels many years ago are coming back in the form of supernatural appearance; thus in non-physical bodies.

It is also believed that these ‘avenging spirits’ are the souls of those who were murdered by some people who used to reside in the very hostels.

“Some people were brutally murdered in these hostels some time ago and their embittered spirits are coming back to haunt this place.

“We heard that the people who committed the murders used to stay at these hostels as well,” Mallon Ngaru told a local publication.

Cllr Elizabeth Tsoro of Sakubva Ward 2 professed knowledge of these ‘superstitious’ developments, adding that this had seen some hostel-dwellers avoiding using the bathrooms in the after-hours.

These hostels are owned by the local authority, like many others across the country; the economic downturn has not spared them either, as they are in dilapidated form and over-populated.

The hostels are also exposed to break-ins as robbers take advantage of the darkness that blankets buildings come night time and the antiquated security systems.

The hostels’ ablution facilities are dysfunctional and the corridors have no lights, as if that was not enough, each bathroom or toilet is shared by a number of people.

“The ghosts are said to be visible not only to adults but also to young children and they are mostly seen in the bathrooms,” said Tsoro.

The Ward councilor added that she is making efforts and in the process of trying to persuade the local authority to prioritise resuscitating the lighting systems at the hostels

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