Gogo watches in horror as man snatches her grandson’s wife while working with her in maize field


A BULAWAYO woman shocked her husband’s grandmother when she eloped with her boyfriend leaving the in-law working at a maize field.

Gogo Agness Ndlovu was at a loss for words when a man identified only as Moyo, brazenly strolled up to her and said he had come to collect his wife, meaning Caren Chibatamoto (29) her grandson’s wife.

Gogo Ndlovu said the bombshell left her weak in the knees because she never suspected Caren was two-timing her grandson Gift Ndebele (36).

She said Caren — with her five-month-old baby strapped on her back, left hand-in-hand with Moyo.

According to Gogo Ndlovu, Moyo explained why he was saying Caren was his wife.

At the end of the conversation she watched in shock as Caren left her at the fields near Phekiwe Stream in Nkulumane suburb.

She had to pluck up courage and return home to deliver the sad news to Ndebele and the family.

Ndlovu said: “My daughter-in-law and I went to the maize fields at around 8am. She had her child on her back. At around 10am a man came and asked to talk to me. He told me he had come to fetch his wife. I looked uncomprehendingly at him and he repeated the statement. He told me he has been coming to my house to see our daughter-in-law and even knew my bedroom and at times he slept at my house when my grandson was away in Maphisa where he does business.”

She added: “I have never seen anything like that.”

Ndebele said the incident left him devastated.

“This issue left me shattered. I never thought she could do such a thing because since I married her seven years ago she never showed any sign of infidelity,” he said.

Ndebele said he surrendered her clothes to her parents.

“I sent my emissary to surrender her clothes to her parents in Filabusi and to inform them what their daughter had done. I don’t want anything to do with her . . . she hurt me so much,” he said.

He said he doubted he was the father of their two children and wants to do a DNA test.

“I have two children with her. I’m doubtful that the two children are mine because when I phoned her to bring back the five-month-old child she told me that the child is not mine. But all along I thought I had two children. I want to do DNA test because I don’t know whether the three-year-old girl that remained here is mine. I have raised a substantial amount and soon I will be going there,” he said.

Caren said: “I can’t talk to you about that matter because it’s a closed chapter,” before disconnecting the call.

— BMetro

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