Man ploughs school assembly point and plants maize, threatens school authorities with lightning


A man from Zhombe’s Sikabela area shocked all and sundry after he ploughed and planted maize at a school’s assembly point arguing that the school boundary encroached into his yard.

The headmaster and pupils at Sikabela Primary School were left shell shocked when Agent Ncube brought his cattle and started ploughing at the school assembly point with his wife in tow with a bucket of seed maize, claiming it was his farm.

When the school authorities tried to intervene, Ncube threatened them with an axe and to strike whoever dared to stop him with lightning.

Ward 13 Councillor Cafemol Moyo confirmed the incident that has left the whole community shocked.

“It is true, we are having this problem where Ncube is claiming that the school encroached in his yard. We have tried to talk to him but to no avail. He remains adamant that the school was in his backyard and that the school should be moved,” said Cllr Moyo.

He said on the fateful day, he was called to intervene only to find Ncube busy with his cattle with his wife in tow, planting.

“I was called by the school authorities but when we tried to intervene, he threatened us with lightning and to chop us down with an axe,” said the councillor.

He said authorities including police and the district schools’ inspector, had tried to intervene but to no avail.

“The Dispol has been here several times as well as the education boss in the district, but the man remains adamant. As it is we are hoping that the courts will solve the issue for us because what he is doing is jeopardising the proper learning of children and disobeying the authorities,” said Councillor Moyo.

He said Ncube claimed that the area was given to him by the then village head.

“He claims that he was born in 1978 and the school was pegged in 1981 and it was pegged in his place. We are now hoping that the courts will solve this impasse for us,” said Cllr Moyo.

— BMetro

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