Woman fails to go to toilet as hubby squeezes & pulls her VAG!NA for refusing to have se_x with him

Tarirai Chimutwe and Ronica Chikaanwa

REMEMBER an “evil” husband in Kenya who allegedly super-glued his wife’s private parts after he suspected her of having multiple affairs.

Well, a police officer stationed at Hillside Police Station in Bulawayo, Tarirai Chimutwe might just steal that crown after shocking revelations by his wife Ronica Chikaanwa that he forcibly grabbed her private parts before he repeatedly squeezed and pulled them so hard that she was left in excruciating pain and unable to go to the toilet for three days.

An enraged Chimutwe savaged his wife after she allegedly refused to have se_x with him and also as punishment against her for having affairs.

According to Chikaanwa, who was responding to her husband’s accusations of infidelity, his (Chimutwe) appalling actions left her in unbearable pain for days.

After the heinous act, Chikaanwa sought a restraining order against her husband saying she was now living in fear that he might kill her.

“Tarirai Chimutwe is my husband and has been violent and abusive in our marriage for the past 12 years. The violent conduct still persists even up to today. He is also threatening to kill me.

“After abusing me I used to report him at Mzilikazi Police Station but police officers on duty would not arrest him saying if they did, he would lose his job. He chokes me whenever we have a misunderstanding.

“The other day he took my phone and hid it in his car so when I was looking for it, I found some tablets hidden in his car which I later learnt were sex enhancing pills.

“Since I initially didn’t know what they were used for, I refused to have se_x with him and he turned violent and grabbed my private parts before he squeezed and pulled them so hard that I was left in unbearable pain and unable to go to the toilet for three days,” narrated Chikaanwa.

She recalled that her husband started abusing her the first day they started staying together, adding that in 2013 she suffered a miscarriage as a result of her husband’s physical abuse.

Chikaanwa who stays at Ross Camp said her husband should also stop coming to her workplace and go to their matrimonial house in Cowdray Park.

In an emotional response Chimutwe, however, rubbished his wife’s allegations arguing that she was the one who was abusing him with her infidelity.

He said he had even lost weight as a result of his wife’s infidelity.

“I have never assaulted or insulted her. She is the one who assaulted me and I have scars all over the body. In actual fact she is the one who has quite a number of times been violent and physically abusive towards me and at one time she even hit me with a glass bottle and I sustained cuts on my head.

“I reported the matter to the police but later withdrew the matter before it went to court, after having considered that she is the mother of my children and if she were to be incarcerated such would gravely and negatively affect my children,” said Chimutwe.

He said at no point had he ever threatened to kill his wife.

“She is just maliciously fabricating these allegations against me for the mere fact that sometime in 2018 I found out that she was having an extra-marital affair with Soul Chandigere.

“I have even confronted her about the affair and she confirmed its existence. I have also received various threatening and insulting text messages from Chandigere,” said Chimutwe.

He also revealed raunchy details of his wife’s se_x romp sessions with her alleged lover at city lodges, at her friend’s place and also at their unfinished house in Cowdray Park.

So nasty were some of the messages that Chimutwe was exchanging with his wife’s boyfriend, Chandigere while the latter bragged that Chikaanwa was good in bed.

Ironically, when Chimutwe reported Chandigere to his wife only identified as Amai Tino, she insulted him before saying she was no longer interested in her husband as he was weak in bed and had also found another man who was satisfying her.

Added Chimutwe: “Not only does Chandigere insult me as we have had several altercations and on 30 December 2018 he even assaulted me when I confronted him about the affair. I sustained injuries from the assault and sought medical attention at UBH.

“Even upon finding out that she is having extra-marital affair, I never physically assaulted her, but instead tried to resolve the issue with her in an amicable manner as I’m not a violent person and I would never expose my children to such an environment.

“She wants to move out to our matrimonial home with Chandigere, the house I have invested my time and resources building for ourselves and our kids for the mere fact that she and her boyfriend have since connived to turn our matrimonial home into their love nest”.

Chikaanwa, who is employed by a supermarket chain, claimed the alleged lover was one of their customers who also supplies her with foreign currency.

In her judgment the presiding magistrate Adelaide Mbeure, in a bid to safeguard both parties against each other, she granted a reciprocal order.

— BMetro

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