Greatman marries Silibaziso Masara after a year of dating: I have found the one who loves me as I am


Musician Tongai “Greatman” Gwaze is off the market.

The 26-year-old got married to his girlfriend Silibaziso Masara, 23, of Chirumanzu District, Midlands on March 10 during a traditional ceremony.

The two have been dating for close to a year even though the affair has been kept under wraps.

Greatman also took to his social media sharing pictures with his new wife.

In an interview with H-Metro, Greatman expressed gratitude over the marriage.

“I have found the one, the one who loves me as I am and appreciates me.

“I have found someone who takes care of me through thick and thin.

“It’s almost a year since we started dating; it’s been nine months now.

“It’s God who made us meet,” said Greatman.

Greatman praised his in-laws who accepted him as their son in-law and also mentioned that the wedding bells are around the corner.

“The relationship is going on well, everything is normal and we have no problems.

“However, we have had some obstacles along the way but we overcame them.

“Our marriage is a normal marriage just like any other marriages.

“I married her on the 10th of this month in Chirumanzu.

“My family is very happy about the marriage as I managed to take a step further, I moved from one step to another step.

“I’m excited that my wife’s relatives accepted the marriage and did not have any problems about the whole idea; everything went well more than I even expected myself. I’m truly grateful to them for accepting me as their son in-law,” he said.

On what fatherhood means to him, Greatman said:

“I also promise to take the fatherly role and to be a good son-in-law to her family.

“You will also hear the wedding bells soon; I’m making preparations for the wedding but will announce the date when everything is in place.”

Asked to share some of the traditional marriage pictures, he said:

“I can’t reveal the lobola pictures due to the respect I have for my in-laws since they don’t understand social media, so they might take it the wrong way.”

Greatman refused to let his wife talk to this publication.

“I can’t let you talk to her as I don’t like my wife to be on the public domain for security reasons,” he said.

On social media mixed feelings about his new wife, Greatman said he will cast a blind eye on Silibaziso’s past and focus on the future.

“I trust the Silibaziso I fell in love with, not her past, I’ve known her for quite some time now. I’m not moved by the negative comments that people are saying on social media about her past, she was young and that was in the past,” added Greatman.

He was also uncomfortable to disclose the amount he paid as lobola and said they were also enjoying conjugal rights like any other normal couple.

— HMetro

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