Facebook page for stonyeni lovers created in Zim, it has images of women of all shapes and sizes


The love of money is the root of all evil!

Police in Bulawayo have launched a manhunt for a person who created a Facebook page and pasted images of different women and teenage girls to hire them out for se_xual services.

A source close to investigations said the suspect randomly picked images of any woman from popular social media sites and pasted them on the Facebook page in question.

The suspect, who seems eager to make quick money, then puts price tags on the woman in question.

“The suspect puts those pictures in three categories and I don’t know what criteria he or she uses in putting those images in categories. There are three categories — A, B and C. He or she would then put a picture in one of those categories. There are images that he puts in category A, then he puts some on category B, and puts some on category C. To hire a person in category A one has to pay $65, for category B one has to part with $45, and for category C one has to pay $35,” said a source.

The source added: “The person would then advertise the images saying anyone who wants to have se_x with any person in one of the categories has to pay the money through an EcoCash number that is on the Facebook page. The suspect would promise the interested person that he would connect him to a person he would have chosen.”

The source expressed worry at the rate at which the Facebook page was gaining popularity.

“The page is gaining a lot of popularity as it has amassed a lot of likes that are now more than 2 000 and this is worrying because quite a number of people have fallen prey to the scam. A number of people have stumbled on pictures of their loved ones being showcased for se_xual services on the social media site.

The page has images of women of all shapes and sizes. Just last week a teenager stumbled on her picture on the Facebook page and reported the matter to the police,” said the privy source. The advert on the page also says hook-ups with teenagers, blessers and sugar mummies can be arranged and also provides a number and mobile money details to transact. The suspect has an account which goes by the name Alice Sibanda and another one which goes by the name Alice Muriri.

The page has an EcoCash number 0788230035 under Mrs Blessing Sibanda.

This reporter sent a message to the number and the person responded with a WhatsApp message saying: “For one to see private parts one has to pay $55 through ecocash, one has to part with $80 to see a lady of her choice in se_x session, to view a lady’s butt0cks and her items and gyrating as if she is having se_x one has to pay $115.”

Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube confirmed the case: “We urge the community members not rush into making decisions because this has a potential of wrecking marriages and relationships.

“It also has a potential of causing disharmony in the society.”

Insp Ncube warned people to limit sending pictures on popular social media networking sites as it had a potential of putting their lives at risk.

— BMetro

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