Business comes to a halt at court as thief ‘turns into a snake’

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Business came to a halt as the reality drama that hit Western Commonage magistrates’ court became real and frightening to the people that filled the court hallways and galleries when one of the inmates suddenly turned into a living snake.

Dominic Ndlovu (20) scared his audience last week when he suddenly fell down and started slithering like a snake inside the dock just as his trial was about to start.

“Ndlovu fell inside the dock that he was in and started convulsing as if he was turning into something. A few moments later, he started slithering on the floor mimicking a live snake before completely fainting,” said one of the court officials.

Ndlovu was reportedly carried out of the gallery into one of the restrooms as per the alleged instruction of the magistrate to have him rest for 30 minutes before taking the stand again. He was carried by a policeman and two other people reported to be his relatives.

However, as if given a sign, the moment he was put down where he was to rest, Ndlovu began his convulsions yet again.

“The moment they put him down, he began convulsing a bit aggressive this time and would occasionally slither on the floor like a snake without saying anything,” said the court official.

One of the relatives that were with him reportedly managed to calm him down after pleading with him.

“He respectfully knelt down before him and would on intervals clap his hands or pat Ndlovu’s back saying ‘Siyaxolisa badala, kodwa sisebantwini. Sicela lehlise umoya.’ (Paying respect to ancestral spirits saying we are sorry can you please calm down because we are in public),” said the source.

The source explained that according to the relative, Ndlovu was running away from his calling but the snake spirit would occasionally attack him.

“He was also doing the same thing at the Khami Prison where he is being held,” added the court official. Ndlovu was charged with unlawful entry and theft together with his alleged accomplice Auditor Dube (18).

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