Relax or go & hang yourself, your hubby will come back after lockdown: Smallhouse tells lover’s wife


THE LOCKDOWN was going to be tough, but Nomsa decided she would make the best of it.

She imagined it would be like an extended honeymoon with body massages, cuddling and bonding with her loving husband.

But reality struck when Nomsa Mthethwa (32) found out she was going to spend the loneliest three weeks of her life during the lockdown.

The fuming Nomsa told Daily Sun she desperately wanted her husband back home at their rented room at Tsakane, Ekurhuleni.

She said he went to KZN two days before the lockdown started and was supposed to come back the next day.

When he didn’t come home she phoned him but the phone rang unanswered – and eventually it wasn’t her husband on the other side of the phone!

“A woman answered and asked me why I was looking for her boyfriend! I was shocked to hear another woman talking about my husband like he was hers.”

Nomsa said she exchanged angry words with Nompumelelo Mkhize, the girlfriend, but her husband still wouldn’t speak to her. Nomsa said they’ve been married for two years.

“He treated me well and our marriage was fine. We had problems like any married couple, but nothing too serious. One day when I looked at his phone, he was flirting with another woman.

“I confronted him and he said he met her in KZN while he was visiting his mother, but we resolved things.”

Nomsa isn’t working and relies on her man’s factory worker pay.

“He promised to come back. He left without even paying rent!” she said.

“Nompumelelo doesn’t want me to speak to him and doesn’t even phone me back. I’m hurt and angry about how things have turned out. I thought we were happy.”

Daily Sun phoned the husband, but his phone was answered by Nompumelelo.

“Nomsa must just relax or go and hang herself. Her husband will go back to her after the lockdown,” she said.

“She knows I’m dating her husband and there’s nothing she can do to separate us. If she continues behaving like this she’ll lose him for good. I spoke to her woman to woman and told her to stop being greedy. There are more women than there are men.”

She said she was happy being the nyatsi.

“I only see him during holidays because he spends most of his time with her and very little time with me.

“She must stop complaining. I only get a quarter of his salary and she gets the rest. We now have a child together.”

— Daily Sun

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