Coronavirus (Covid-19) lockdown: Songbird Vimbai Zimuto reveals the biggest winners


SONGBIRD Vimbai Zimuto says official wives are the biggest winners during the on-going lockdown period.

The 21-day lockdown period was recently pronounced by President Mnangagwa to curb the spread of the Coronavirus (Covid-19).

And the Netherlands based diva, who is known for advocating for true love among couples, said it was high time ‘side chicks’ gave official wives space.

She said the raging Covid-19, which requires people to stay indoors, has come as a blessing in disguise for official wives to rekindle their romance with their cheating husbands.

She made her point clear in a song titled Pakichwa which has an accompanying video where couples are encouraged to express genuine love at each other.

“In my own capacity, I have released a song titled Pakichwa where we were encouraging official couples to express their love on one another.

“We need to express love at each another, tichimborezvana and in this case the main house (official wives) need their time to share their experiences and the time is now to rekindle the romance.

“The song was also inspired by some of our loving African men that we have at home and Africa at large.

“African man know how to take care of their loved ones as well as providing for them,” he said.

The former Black Spirits backing vocalist said she was safe in Netherlands even though the region had reported many cases.

“In Netherlands, we have had numerous cases because people are law-abiding citizens and that is why you hear stories claiming prisons were closed down as people follow protocol.

“At the moment, we don’t have new cases and every case that has been reported have been attended to.

“We are safe here; we can take a morning jog, walk and even visit the supermarket where trolleys are sanitised as you enter and leave the supermarket,” she said.

Asked what role artistes can play in creating awareness against Covid-19, she said:

“We had suggested it before as artistes that maybe we can do a song together, long before there was an HIV/Aids song done by the likes of Bothwell Nyamhondera among others.

“As the young generation, we can come together and do a song and make people aware that of what they should do to prevent Covid-19.

“It doesn’t need much but we only need to find one producer and produce a song.”

Like most artistes, Vimbai said her projects have been stalled but was hopeful she would start afresh once normalcy prevails.

“I was supposed to hold two shows here recently – one with my band and another with an orchestra.

“As you know, it’s every artiste’s dream to perform with an orchestra and that opportunity is gone as easy as that my brother,” she said.

Added Vimbai:

“At the moment we can’t plan anything; I am used to the European way of planning way.

“For instance, I had planned my 2020 calendar heading into the year 2020 but right now there is nothing we can do about it.

“I hope it (Covid-19) will end and just disappear, I travel a lot different places; Covid-19 has stalled a lot of stuff.

“To my band members who rely on our shows, we have a WhatsApp group where were forward to each other what’s required as we exchange tips.

“As for precautions, we are saying stay at home, hapana zvekuzviita.”

She urged Zimbabweans to rely on authentic information from reputable health experts.

— HMetro

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