Why are you kissing my wife?: Drama as businessman catches wife having quality time with boyfriend


A BULAWAYO businessman reportedly confronted former Bulawayo Pool Association president and beat him up for allegedly having an affair with his wife of seven years, who is a well-known national pool player.

B-Metro has it on good authority that the embattled lover wailed while trying to parry blows from the enraged husband who had pinned him down as he pummelled him mercilessly.

A source who witnessed the “free movie” that took place in full view of the public and pool players a fortnight ago said Robin Goremucheche received an anonymous phone call while he was at home in Montrose suburb with his two children.

The anonymous caller informed him that his wife Christine Sengwe was getting cosy with former Bulawayo Pool Association president Patrick Taziwa who is also the chairman of Zimra Pool Club.

The source who is close to Taziwa and Sengwe spilled the beans to this publication: “ A certain pool player phoned Robin and informed him that his wife and Taziwa were busy f0ndling and kiss_ing each other at Raylton Sports Club and that jolted Robin to rush to the scene. He found them standing close to each other and questioned him why he was kiss_ing his wife, within minutes a fight ensued.”

A sourced added: “Robin seemed to be too powerful as he rained fast blows on Patrick who fell down and screamed for help while he was wiping off blood from the nose. People who had gathered around watched in glee. No one intervened because they wanted Patrick to be punished for his sins of kiss_ing a married woman in public.”

A source said Christine showed a clean pair of heels and only returned when the fuming Robin had left.

“She returned and went with Patrick,” said the source.

Patrick reported the matter at Donnington Police Station under case number CR46 /03/ 20.

Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube confirmed the incident: “I can confirm that we are investigating a case of assault where Robin Goremucheche and Patrick Taziwa fought at Raylton Sports Club.”

The tell-it-all source said on 26 December last year the unsuspecting Robin bumped into Christine walking hand in hand with Patrick at a supermarket which is situated along George Silundika Street between 8th Avenue and 9th Avenue.

“On 26 December 2019 Robin met Patrick Taziwa and Christine at a supermarket walking hand in hand at around 9pm doing shopping and that worried him so much. Taziwa apologised to him and said Christine sought advice from him and he could not be in love with her because he was a married man. Robin understood and he went with his wife,” said a source who is close to the couple.

B- Metro news crew caught up with the heart-broken Robin who poured out his sorrowful heart: “I stumbled on love text messages on my wife’s phone that she was exchanging with Taziwa and then I confronted Taziwa and he confessed that my wife had been confiding in him our marital problems and he was giving her advice on how best to solve the problem. And as the BPA chairman he would not wreck my marriage. We discussed and resolved to engage elders while she is at her parent’s place but I got shocked to discover that the two are still seeing each other. Now it’s clear that Patrick wants to wreck my marriage. Now I do not know what will become of our two children who are aged four and seven,” said Robin.

Christine said: “Do you know what you are talking about because if you don’t have full facts I will sue you,” she said before terminating the call.

Patrick said: “Never! I never fought with anyone and I do not know what you are talking about and do not know those people you are talking about.”

— BMetro

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