Age is nothing but a number: Man hears young woman screaming while having se_x with talented madala


SESINYANA Mbehle (42) says she is happily in love with her husband, Teboho Mofuthi (76).

The couple tied the knot three years ago and stay in Namibia, Mangaung.

Sesinyana said the madala is a tiger in bed and she regrets that she was in relationships with the youth of her age.

Sesinyana Mbehle (42) says she happy that she tied the knot with her old sweetheart Teboho Mofuthi (76)

The elated Mbele said the madala is a kind man who does not raise his hands on her and when it comes to poking, he is as good as a youngster.

Mofuthi said age is nothing but a number.

He said: “What happened between the sheets is my secret and I don’t have a problem. She has the right to express her feelings and share them.”

The SunTeam spotted the couple enjoying a cup of tea together while they obeyed the lockdown regulations of staying at home.

Sesinyana told Daily Sun: “I have been in relationships with men who were not this older than me. But the problem with them was that they are so jealous. They will take me for outings, and I will be beaten just because I greeted another man that I knew.

“I was so beautiful, and my face did not have these scars. I used to visit madala to help him with house chores until he asked me to be in a relationship with him. I then realised that I will not be beaten again because he is an old madala and I agreed.”

She said she was worried that madala will not satisfy her in bed but she took the risk.

“I can tell you right now that I don’t regret the decision that I took to be with my old man. He is old enough to be my grandfather, but I don’t care because he makes me happy. He is a tiger in bed and I feel bad for judging him. It’s true when they say don’t judge a book its cover. This is my real man who knows his story between the sheets and I couldn’t ask for more.

“Those who still think madalas are weak in bed, you are missing out,” said Sesinyana.

Madala said: “I love this woman and I am doing everything in my power to prove it to her. I will not share my secret with you or anyone else. She does not even know what I use. She is hot in bed and I like that.”

A neighbour, who wished to remain anonymous, said he once heard screaming when he passed through the family shack at night.

“I thought my neighbour had a new boyfriend. In the morning I was shocked to see that it was the same madala that I know sitting outside their shack.

“I’ve tried several times to ask madala to share his secret weapon or even give what he drinks or eat to boost his 4-5 but he refused.”

— Daily Sun

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