Shock as Sanyatwe family wakes up and finds dead snake and brown clay pot at their doorstep

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A CHIKANGA family woke up to discover a dead snake and a brown clay pot at their doorstep last Thursday. Scores of people jostled to catch a glimpse of the dead reptile and the brown clay pot, which was carrying unknown contents.

When The Weekender arrived at the scene in Chikanga Phase Two, self-styled prophets Madzibaba Kudzi and Madzibaba Skynage of Johane Masowe Wechishanu Yenguwo Chena were busy cleansing the house.

They said the paraphernalia was meant to harm Ms Theresa Sanyatwe.

Ms Sanyatwe, who lost her daughter Precious in mysterious circumstances in February, believes there was a link between the incident and the death of her daughter.

Precious died five days after stepping on a broken clay pot (mbiya) on her way from school.

“I spotted the dead snake and clay pot around 6am when I was about to leave the house to buy vegetables for resell. Fear gripped me and I called our neighbours.

“These prophets came to thwart the enemy’s plans, which I believe have something to do with my daughter’s death. I really don’t know why some people are after my family.

“My daughter told me that she stepped on a broken clay pot. Her leg started swelling. She spent about four days in hospital. When she was discharged, we took her back home since we believed the problem was beyond medical solutions. During her last days, she could not talk. I miss her and I always will,” she said.

In an interview, Madzibaba Skynage said, “This is the work of the enemy. The snake and the paraphernalia were meant to harm this woman following the death of her daughter.

“Fortunately this cleansing leaves her safe. Those behind Precious’ death shall pay for that.”

Madzibaba Kudzi chipped in: “Through bringing these things here, it is possible the people behind Precious’ death are looking for ways to thwart her spirit against vengeance (kutsipika).”

Zimbabwe National Traditional Healers’ Association president, Mr George Kandiero said, “There is a possibility that there are people fighting this family. A dead snake on your doorstep is a bad omen.”

“It was a good idea to call the exorcists to dispose it because it was going to be disastrous if she had touched any of those things. However, it is advisable for the family to consult traditional healers and ascertain the real source of the problems.”

— Manica Post

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