Talented boy discharges 20 litres of urine a day for 5 days & dies after having se_x with pr0stitute


THE Tsungubvi community was plunged into mourning this Sunday following the mysterious death of Crispen Magwaza in an incident believed to be connected to his failure to pay for the services of a commercial se_x worker.

While Social media has been awash with various versions of the incident, Uncle to the deceased, Mr Henry Magwaza said his nephew who excreted over 20 litres of urine a day for five days died a painful death.

“My boy fell sick and after the situation worsened he told me that he had slept with a certain lady of the night but left without paying the service fee of US$10, i took her to the woman’s place who told us that if he had not come back with the money something terrible would happen, she told us to put the money on the floor so that the spirits could receive it directly and reverse the process. She took out a scary doll said a few words and my boy felt better. However 2 days later the situation worsened and we took him back but the lady said she could not do anything before he died,” he explained.

ZBC News visited the accused, Ratidzo Njanji’s homestead to get her side of the story, but were told that she has gone into hiding after being allegedly threatened by the deceased’s friends while fellow neighbours had their own version of what transpired.

“When he came he was struggling to urina_te and could not even wear the trousers, they begged her to rescue him as they had their indoor meetings, she came out after some prophets from the chief came about but it was late,” said one neighbour.

“I can’t confirm that she actually did this, because we asked her but she said she didn’t,” said another neighbour.

Mashonaland Central Provincial Police Spokesperson, Inspector Milton Mundembe confirmed Magwaza’s death but dismissed the witchcraft claims.

The untimely death of the teenager who holds the record at Rujeko High school of 12 As at Ordinary level has also dealt a blow to his Northern Region Division One Football team as explained by the Coach.

“The incident is very disheartening, we had registered him for the division one season, hoping he could come in handy, but this is what it is, he was multi-talented because at school he was very bright as well,” he said.

Such incidents are becoming common in Glendale after an illegal miner allegedly lost his manhood last year after failing to pay a commercial se_x worker.


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