Woman gives hubby an unforgettable punishment after he introduced his lover to her as his relative


WHILE many men can get away with telling lies to their spouses, that was not so for a Bulawayo businessman who had his entire world apparently turned upside down after his wife discovered that the woman whom he had introduced to her as his relative was in fact his lover.

The discovery, however, ended up “poisoning” his marriage after his wife gave him an unforgettable punishment when she ambushed him in the city centre and assaulted him with fists and open hands in full view of the people. After punishing him, the wife went on to dump their five-month-old baby in his vehicle.

Fearing that his wife Phindile Ncube would further harm him, after that violent altercation in question, Qhubekani Mpofu moved out of the matrimonial house to reportedly stay with his unidentified lover. The couple owned nine taxis which operate under the Expriccos banner and Mpofu is bitterly complaining that his wife is taking all the money from their taxi business.

Mpofu’s sad story detailing his marital woes is contained in documents which he submitted at the Bulawayo Civil Court while seeking a court order to bar his wife from verbally, physically, emotionally and economically abusing him.

“The respondent (Phindile Ncube) and I are married customarily and we are blessed with a five-month-old child. We, however, separated three months ago since respondent has become verbally, emotionally and physically abusive.

“The respondent has become excessively violent of late and has gone to the extent of taking all the money from seven taxis that I own. She has also been calling my friends and relatives telling them bad things about me,” Mpofu’s grievances read in part.

Through his lawyer Mpofu claimed that the latest altercation that occurred on 24 January 2020 when he was publicly clobbered by his wife left him with no other option but to approach the court.

“As I was alighting from my vehicle in the city centre, the respondent ambushed me, assaulted me with fists and open hands and dumped our five-month-old baby in my vehicle. I reported the matter to the police and she paid an admission of guilt fine.

“I have also been advised by my legal practitioner that I can approach this court for a protection order in order to safeguard not only the physical aspect but also to secure my financial freedom from the respondent.”

Narrating how his wife was now economically abusing him, Mpofu said: “Over the years I bought seven taxis which operate under the Expriccos banner.

“Respondent also has two vehicles which she put in as taxis. Since I left our matrimonial home due to her abuse, she is taking all the money from the taxis leaving me financially weak. I do not have enough funds for food, clothing and my general upkeep because of this.

“I also have a serious problem right now as respondent left the baby without food provisions and clothing. She knows fully well that she has left me financially challenged and she is using this to put me under duress,” complained Mpofu while adding that he was afraid to go back home because of his wife’s behaviour.

He said the taxis were bought under a rent-to-buy scheme. His lawyer pleaded with the court to allow Mpofu to receive payments from four of the nine taxis since they were also his lifeline.

In response his wife through her lawyer rubbished his submissions saying it was premised on falsehoods.

“While I am not per se opposed to the protection order being issued binding both of us, I take great exception to the fact that the applicant has premised this application on falsehoods. I am totally opposed to the applicant’s attempt to abuse this court to effectively distribute our property through a protection order.

“On contrary, it is the applicant who emotionally and physically abused me. The applicant has an extra-marital affair with another woman that he initially claimed to be a relative of his and has now moved in with that woman and openly told me that she is his girlfriend. This is emotional abuse as I now fear for my health in this day and age of HIV and Aids,” she said.

Turning to economic and physical abuse allegations she argued: “For starters I am the one who has always been running the taxis and collecting the money not the falsehoods being peddled. For clarity’s sake I have a book I keep where the drivers do their payments. Not only that, the taxis belong to me and were bought in my name.

“What applicant is referring to as defamatory remarks about him are reports I made to the family members regarding his illicit affair when I wanted the family to counsel us and resolve the issue. That is not abuse at all.

“This is false again (physical abuse allegations). On the day in question, it is actually the applicant who was shoving and pushing me around. While doing that he was threatening to assault me and I grabbed his clothes as he pushed me to avoid falling and in the process his clothes got torn.

“He then rushed to report that I had assaulted him yet it is him who actually assaulted me. When I went to the police, I was threatened by the police that they would lock me up if I didn’t pay an admission of guilt fine and so I ended up paying same.”

She said her husband’s accusations were a calculated move to silence her adding that Mpofu never stayed with their minor child.

“This is perjury. The applicant is lying under oath. He has never stayed with the child as he alleges. He only took the child to the police station when we fought and when I eventually went there on the same day to pay the fine, I took the child with me.

“These are falsehoods calling for censure of the applicant as they amount to perjury. Finally, I also need peace and protection from the applicant as well.”

After going through the parties’ submissions presiding magistrate Nomasiko Ndlovu granted a reciprocal order which compels both parties not to verbally, emotionally and physically abuse each other.

— BMetro

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