Woman dumped for faking preg_nancy: He was taking his time to marry me and I was scared


A woman from Mberengwa who trapped her boyfriend into marrying her claiming that she was preg_nant saw her plan backfiring after a preg_nancy test exposed her.

Pikirai Mpofu of Mataga Village under Chief Bangwe was left with egg on her face after her lies were exposed.

The source, Sibonile Dube, told the publication that Mpofu faked preg_nancy as she wanted her longtime boyfriend Simbarashe Muchenje to marry her.

“The two had been dating for more than five years when Mpofu then lied to her boyfriend that she was two months preg_nant. Muchenje told his family about the matter and they agreed that they pay damages to Mpofu’s family,” said Dube.

“Two months later, the Muchenje family also paid lobola to the Mpofu family. They were charged $3 000 and five cows and they paid everything. By then Mpofu was supposedly four months preg_nant yet her baby bump was not showing. In an attempt to cover up her lies, Mpofu would refuse to be accompanied for checkups by her husband saying she had everything under control,” said Dube.

Suspecting foul play, Muchenje forced Mpofu to go for an ultrasound scan and demanded that she brings scan photographs with her. When Dube failed to produce the scan photographs that her husband asked for, the curious Muchenje demanded that she does a preg_nancy test which came out negative.

“Muchenje confronted Mpofu and she confessed that she faked preg_nancy because she felt that Muchenje was taking his time to marry her, and she was scared that he was going to leave her for other women. He did not take the trick lightly and he ended the relationship with Mpofu saying he could not trust her anymore,” said Dube.

Contacted for comment Muchenje could not hide his anger as he labelled his ex-wife a gold digger and opportunist.

“She is no longer my wife. l dumped her after finding out that she lied to me. She is a gold digger who was only after my money. I was going to marry her at some point but l had wanted to do right by her family that is why l paid the damages and lobola money thinking that she was preg_nant,” said Muchenje.

— BMetro

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