Sangoma reveals why South Africa is having a high death rate these days: We’re inviting death


THE gaping graves wait for coffins to be lowered into the ground.

But sangomas say this is not the way things are done.


But preparing for Covid-19 deaths means municipalities can’t do it that way.

Currently, graves are open and ready for burial.

But according to cultural expert Mtimande Ngwenya, open graves invite bad luck and death!

He told Daily Sun he was saddened by what municipalities were doing.

“They dig up graves and leave them open for days. This invites nothing but bad luck.

“How can they dig up a grave when there’s no one to bury yet. Who are they preparing them for?” he said.

Ngwenya said once a grave has been dug up, it’s meant for someone to die so they may occupy it.

“When the municipality digs up a grave, it’s like they want people to die,” he said.

Sangoma Nzama Maluleke agreed with Ngwenya.

Maluleke said a grave should be dug up on the day of the funeral.

“It should be dug up in the morning of the burial,” he said.

He said in the old days men woke up in the early hours of the burial day to dig the grave.

“They’d guard the grave until the body arrived,” said Maluleke.

“What’s happening these days is appalling.”

The SunTeam visited a graveyard where graves had been dug up in preperation for possible Covid-19 deaths. There were more than eight open graves.

Ngwenya said: “This means eight people will have to occupy those graves. It means eight people have to die because those graves can’t stay like that forever.”

He said seemingly little things destroy life.

“That’s why we have such a high death rate these days. We’re inviting death,” he said.

Ngwenya said people don’t respect funerals, adding fire to the fuel.

“People do all sorts of craziness at funerals,” he said.

“They drink booze, wear miniskirts, fight and do all kinds of wrong things. Do you really think such a nation would live?”

It was time people started doing things the right way.

Joburg City Parks spokeswoman Jenny Moodley told Daily Sun: “We dig up graves as per the number of burials that week.”

She said health and safety regulations didn’t allow them to dig graves and leave them open for too long as people might fall in them.

— Daily Sun

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