LATEST: Morgen Komichi APOLOGISES to MDC structures


MDC-T national chair, Morgen Komichi has issued an apology to party structures for being one of the key architects of Nelson Chamisa’s alleged power grab performed on the news of founding leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s shock death 14 February 2018.

Komichi said he must be forgiven for violating the party’s constitution.

Aided by party organs, Chamisa took control of MDC February 2018 in an acting capacity, igniting fierce protests from co-vice presidents Thokozani Khupe, Elias Mudzuri and party secretary general Douglas Mwonzora.

He later convened a party congress in May last year in which he was elected substantive leader.

But his rise to the helm of the main opposition was recently judged as illegitimate by the Supreme Court with Khupe granted stewardship of the party while steps were being made to convene an extra-ordinary congress to find a substantive party leader.

In the 2018 presidential election, Komichi was also Chamisa’s chief election agent.

He was at the forefront of disputing the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) results, which saw President Emmerson Mnangagwa emerging as winner.

The Midlands senator was subsequently arrested, convicted and fined $200 for contravening the Electoral Act.

However, following the recent Supreme Court ruling, Komichi has decided to turn against Chamisa and fight in Khupe’s corner and has since reinstated himself as the MDC-T national chairperson.

Before that, he was presidential adviser to Chamisa after he lost the post of vice president in the MDC Alliance congress 2019 in Gweru.

In an interview with NewZimbabwe Tuesday, Komichi said he regretted breaking MDC-T supporters’ resolve by being one of the key architects who disregarded the party’s constitution and allowed Chamisa to be party president.

“I want to take responsibility that I was part and parcel of the leadership then and I was the national chairperson then,” he said.

“Probably I could have done better to serve you (MDC members). Probably I could have done better to make you feel comfortable, on that point I want to apologise, I am sorry, please forgive me.”

However, Komichi said party structures should not blame him for their chaotic 2018 election preparations, which saw the party fielding more than one candidate in some constituencies.

There was also displeasure in the MDC when members of the Zanu PF’s G40 faction were allowed to contest in that election on the main opposition party’s ticket.

“Let me also take this opportunity to clear some of the perceptions that have been going around in the party that as the national chairperson, Komichi was solely behind candidate selection in 2018,” he said.

“This is not true, I actually suffered as a result of that. I stood and fought for you when you didn’t know. I have always stood for fairness, justice, and freedom. I have always wanted people to choose their own candidates but things were beyond my control. I was not the ultimate authority in the process.

“There was authority somewhere where decisions were being made without me being consulted.”

Komichi did not name politicians behind the said authority.

He added, “I was not part of that at all, that is why today I have stood up against that process, that system because I am sick and tired of that process that does not respect other people.”

Three senators Elias Mudzuri, Douglas Mwonzora, and Komichi have openly come out and stood behind Khupe as the MDC-T prepares to hold its extraordinary congress.

However, most legislators in the now fractured opposition party seem to be supporting Chamisa and Tuesday, heeded a call that they should disengage in all parliamentary businesses.

They boycotted House of Assembly and Senate sittings.

— NewZimbabwe

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