DEAR WOMEN: 4 reasons why you should not shave your PUB!C hair


“Get close to grass and you’ll see a star.”

One of Serbia’s well-decorated writers and businessmen, Dejan Stojanovic was onto something with the above quote.

Call me dirty, but wouldn’t you agree that Dejan’s beautiful reference to grass and the star found thereof is similar to a punani?

Like grass, this beautiful organ has been a galaxy of hope for many on planet earth.

Admittedly, they do come in various shapes and sizes.

But the question of shaving it has become a contentious issue.

If you’re not a fan of shaving your punani, you might be on the right track as we’re about to look at the benefits of not shaving your punani:

1. Prevents infections

Pubic hair acts as a natural sponge and barrier to stop infections.

Punani hair also helps to control the moisture of the area, which decreases chances of yeast infections.

Simply put: Wherever the grass grows, there is eternal protection of life.

2. A huge turn on

If you’ve been at a salon, you would know of the beautiful experience of washing and treating your hair.

Similar to that, punani hair also loves to be stroked and caressed.

According to neuroscientist Dr Linden, “It turns out remarkably… that hairy skin has a special caress sensor.”

So, to keep the playing field fertile.

Don’t cut the grass.

3. Less sweaty episodes

To avoid an embarrassing moment of people thinking you’ve peed on your pants, avoid shaving off your punani hair.

Pu_bic hair controls one’s sweat glands from clogging up in one area, therefore leaving you embarrassingly wet.

4. Secretes pheromones

You may be attracted to the smell of someone’s cologne, but their artificial fragrance might not be the only thing reeling you in.

Many animals secrete pheromones, or smells that attract potential mates in nature.

Humans are no exception, and pubic hair’s location and absorbent quality is a hot spot for these smells.

So do yourself a favour, and let your pheromones do a little work.

— Daily Sun

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