EXPOSED: Honey-tongued man proposes love to women on FB & invites them to his house for nyoro se_x


Several women who fell victims to a Facebook alleged womaniser have teamed up to expose him.

The man, Tinashe Oliver Chaeruka is in a habit of proposing love to different women on Facebook before inviting them to his house in Johannesburg’s Veerening Meyerton suburb.

Chaeruka has been accused of facilitating for transport logistics whether from Zimbabwe or anywhere provided one agrees to the deal.

In WhatsApp chats and audios, women were confessing to each other to have fallen victims to him before he would dump them after one or so weeks of staying together.

He has been doing this for long time and some women are fed up.

Contacted for comment, Tinashe denied the allegations.

“It’s all lies sir and fake allegations, it’s not true I am sure as a man you will understand what women do especially the ones from Facebook.

“Thanks for your concern, I appreciate it but munhu anenge ane maplans ake then ends up doing that to only fix chete but hakuna zvakadaro.

“Remember its social media anyone is entitled to say or write what they want sir, true or false.

“It’s Facebook, women are capable of anything,” he said.

Prior to the outcry by women, Tinashe broke up with his latest victim one Tariro.

“There is no break up, it was never a break up bro and if Facebook women are used to going to different guys always, they will get bored with the one aripo and move to another one. You know how they work boss.

“That is why and how they do things on FB,” he added.

However, the unsuspecting Tariro said Tinashe is a womaniser and he ill-treated her.

“I stay in Pretoria and I met this guy through Facebook since he likes to lure his victims through such a platform.

“We chatted for two weeks and sending pictures before he invited me to his place.

“He said he wanted a woman to settle with and we got to know each other when I went to his house.

“On first days, he was nice until the 7th day when we were drinking some beers and he took my phone where he accused me of cheating before he broke my phones.

“I had to escape and slept at a friend’s place.

“Akazondinyengerera and I stayed but I wasn’t happy, you know vakadzi hatitane kunyengerereka.

“When he is drunk, he is very abusive saka ndakangoshingirirawo hoping he will change.

“I asked him about his conduct of dating women on Facebook.

“Haana mari zvekudaro but he got a sweet tongue and he provides money for transport kuti uende ikoko.

“I had to pack my things and leave before I created a group and put all the girls he has been dating on Facebook.

“A lot of women confessed in that group.

“Some said they came from Cape Town. Zimbabwe and they were ill-treated.

She added:

“The group I created has more than 20 women whom he ill-treated.

“Some were not willing to talk since they were afraid

“You women were easily fall for silly things.”

One of the victims who shared their grievances in the group said:

“Ndakati handisi kubuda and they teamed up with his friend to dump me.

“He said he wanted to prove me wrong kuti ndaifunga kuti kuno ndokudzokera and they took me to taxi rank where we found nothing.

“He then decided to dump me by the road side,” said another victim.

Another heart-broken victim said; “I was also dumped after being at his place.

“He dumped me during the night only to be assisted by a stranger.

“It was only our first time to meet ndatiwo tizivane, haaite shuwa kunditreater kunge imbwa apa tanga tisati takumbodanana.”

Some of the victims expressed their grief through chats:

Anonymous – Aah nini actually chatted naye for quite some time but language yake yaindifizura ndikazongomublocker then when I went kunoudza bestie kut ndakanyengea pafoni nevamwe blaz vaizvit vane cricket academy based on SA but ndi home boy zvikanzi neniwo ndakasvikirwa ndandatomublocker hanku.

Anonymous – I came from Cape Town and was ill-treated, I was helped by a neighbour and in the morning, I offered to sell my phone to the neighbours so that I would go back to Cape Town.

Anonymous – I’m really shocked. I thank God. I don’t even know who put me on this group.

Anonymous – He doesn’t want to use to use protection.

Anonymous – Yes he’s a fu**n bastard muurskont nxa.

Anonymous – Guys this dude akandi approcher as well kufcbk and he asked me to come kuSA but ndakatoramba ndichiti will be at work.

Anonymous – I stayed there for a week in 2018 Dec.

I was sooo fed up…very insecure and abusive I agree with you…not worth it.

Anonymous – No I never met him on Facebook. Just kept asking me to come to South Africa. Never did meet him face to face.

Anonymous – Kkkkkk lol ndaseka shame coz zuro nanhasi anga achitondinetsawo zve hnzi uya ndikuspoile ndikati wat kind of spoiling yaunoreva?

Anonymous – He is dangerous.

Anonymous – Kkkk he was dating me showing me videos with all kinds of drink achigocha saying can l come pick u from your place imi vanhu kkkkk.

Anonymous – Was talking to another lady now wandinowirirana naye on Facebook, seems lyk this guy anotozivikanwa nevasikana vakawanda and he is doing same thing to ladies.

Anonymous – U know what l was to fall for him coz l like beer too much but my problem is l hate going alone so he kept on apping and ndaipindura late ma message akazondituka as if he has already taken me kkkk this guy anedrama.

Anonymous – I was going to be the next victim thanks guys god bless u.

— HMetro

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