FIREWORKS: Party of Excellence MDC Alliance issues statement after holding National Council meeting


The opposition MDC Alliance has issued a statement following the party’s National Council meeting that made a number of resolutions.

We present the statement in full below.


On the 3rd of June 2020, the National Council of the MDC Alliance met in accordance with the party’s constitution. The following resolutions were passed:

1. The MDC Alliance will preserve the existence of the name, constitution, slogans and assets of the MDC Alliance.

2 We restate that the MDC Alliance is a duly constituted political party and a legal persona in accordance with the provisions of the Electoral Act. We validly contested the 2018 election and fielded a presidential candidate. parliamentary candidates and local authority candidates in line with the provisions of our constitution and the law of Zimbabwe.

3. No individual or quasi-political formation has the right to reverse the will of the people. The MDC Alliance was and is a political party recognised and voted for by the people of Zimbabwe. We maintain that it is unlawful and a misconstruction of reality for any other party to withdraw MDC Alliance MPs from Parliament.

4. It is resolved that following consultation with our structures and constituents our MPs and councillors are to immediately resume their duties in Parliament subject to further review. Any persons who were deployed by the party who did not comply with the Standing Committee resolution to suspend participation in Parliament’s activities pending this resolution will be dealt with in accordance with the Constitution and due process.

5. The MDC Alliance notes with grave concern the continued allegations of state-led corruption implicating senior government officials and their proxies. The MDC Alliance remains vehemently opposed to state-sanctioned corruption and the continued disregard of due process in the procurement of tenders. We will continue to seek redress for the people of Zimbabwe through parliamentary and civil mechanisms

6. We call upon the nation in build a broad front consisting of all groups including labour, students, churches, civil society and all others, to confront the regime as we continue to battle against the indefinite lockdown with no support for the vulnerable, the continued economic deadlock, abductions torture and se_xual assault of our members and the deteriorating human rights situation.

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