Govt warns MDC Alliance as Job Sikhala vows to lead demos against Mnangagwa & his ‘thieving regime’


The government has warned the MDC Alliance that it will not tolerate “anarchy” in the country after a senior official from the country’s main opposition party said they will roll out mass demonstrations in light of the deteriorating political and economic climate.

Speaking to the Daily News on Monday, Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage Minister Kazembe Kazembe warned that the security forces will deal with “rogue” elements bent on fomenting chaos in the country. He said, “The law is very clear, and anyone who breaks it will face the music. We will not tolerate anarchy in the country.

“One wonders what the motive of causing chaos in the country is when we are all supposed to be fighting COVID-19.

“The entire world is fighting this invisible enemy called COVID-19 at the moment, and the government is equally seized with that.

“The law enforcement agents will deal with any rogue elements who may be dreaming of causing lawlessness in the country.

This comes after MDC Alliance vice-chairperson Job Sikhala told the publication over the weekend that “incessant” protests were imminent.

Sikhala accused the ZANU PF government of dereliction of duty and engaging in massive corruption and looting of national resources.

He said, the MDC Alliance was preparing to embark on massive protests against the government “because enough is enough”.

“The level of agitation among the people now has never been witnessed before in the history of this country … they are just waiting for leadership to end the game.

“Our people have not surrendered to fate about their destiny. They are waiting for the call and the call is not very far. It is imminent.

“This time, they (the planned protests) won’t be coming in installments. They will be incessant,” Sikhala told the Daily News.

“If you are in opposition, the elephant in the room is Emmerson Mnangagwa and his thieving regime. Let’s remain focused. I have heard your cries and appeals. Watch this space. The time is now.

“Fighting oppression is no kindergarten task. It needs conviction to the cause and selfless commitment. It is the same to the servants of God. You can only be a prophet through calling.

“Bringing happiness to all citizens through fighting oppression needs calling, not opportunism.

“If you are not in it for opportunism, arrests and other vicissitudes associated with demolishing oppression should be anticipated,” Sikhala added.

“The Robert Mugabes of the time suffered years of incarceration fighting an unjust system. We have learnt from those who did it in the past.

“The Joshua Nkomos did it for the people. We are also prepared to do it for the people. Generations to come will enjoy the fruits of the blood of the martyrs of today.

“No one is afraid of prison as it is a den for the genuine and committed. Prisons don’t break the spirit of the selfless leadership. No one is afraid of that,” Sikhala further told the Daily News.

– Daily News

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