George Charamba attacks Nelson Chamisa…As Mnangagwa runs out of ideas to solve economic problems

George Charamba

President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s spokesperson has accused MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa of sabotaging the much-needed national dialogue by his refusal to join the Political Actors Dialogue (POLAD).

Speaking during an interview with the DailyNews on Sunday, presidential spokesperson George Charamba asserted that his boss will not give Chamisa preferential treatment by holding private talks with him outside the POLAD framework. Charamba said:

“The essence of dialogue is not about re-visiting the 2018 election results, it is to move forward in a co-operative environment — seeking to solve the country’s economic challenges.

“So, really, you cannot revoke the 2018 results because if we were to use that logic, then the president has no reason to invite him.

“If the Constitution says with 50 per cent plus one vote you govern and the opposition opposes, this means that the measure of the interaction with them (the opposition) is extra-constitutional and its basis cannot be founded on the results of the elections.

“It just doesn’t make sense. What we are refusing is this big-headedness on the part of Chamisa, to say I’m the second biggest brother after the president, and to also bring to the table his squabbles with his peers in the MDC.”

The MDC Alliance has repeatedly demanded talks with the ruling ZANU PF to deal with the much-needed far-reaching reforms in order to prevent disputed electoral outcomes in future but Zanu PF has refused.

Meanwhile, Nelson Chamisa yesterday said Zimbabwe was facing an implosion due to a multi-layered crisis and only a “transitional mechanism” can rescue the country.

Chamisa told The Standard in an exclusive interview that President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government had run out of ideas to address the many problems facing the country.

“We are in a disaster,” he said. “There is no income, no foreign investments, no jobs, nothing and it is a tinderbox, it is an explosion, everything is going southward.

“The centre can no longer hold.

“More than eight million people are facing starvation and this situation does not require a business-as-usual approach.”

Chamisa said Zimbabwe’s problems could only be addressed when all citizens are involved in finding solutions.

“We need a transitional mechanism to soft-land the crisis,” he said.

“We need nation building and consensus to extricate ourselves out of this problem in the country.

“With service delivery collapse, economic collapse, corruption flourishing, human rights abuses on the increase, victimisation of lawyers, attacks on human rights defenders, attacks on journalists, diplomats and non-governmental organisations, everyone seems to be under attack.

“It’s a state that seems to be in a difficult position and they are seeing enemies everywhere.”

Security chiefs last week claimed there were rumours that some people were plotting a coup against Mnangagwa.

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