Kind-hearted Alick Macheso speaks out as former dancer Francis ‘Franco Slomo’ Dakha hits hard times


ALICK Macheso says former dancer Francis “Franco Slomo” Dakha has not approached him seeking re-admission into Orchestra Mberikwazvo.

Macheso told H-Metro yesterday that though he is content with his personnel, the erstwhile dancer has not shown any interests of reuniting with the Chitungwiza-based outfit.

The musician’s fans have been pleading to have Slomo pardoned after the nimble-footed dancer admitted to hitting hard times.

The calls continued at the weekend after Macheso posted a video clip of the dancer on his Twitter handle.

The post received mixed reaction which saw the Ndakutadzirei singer later clarifying that it was just an appreciation post.

“Franco has not approached anyone at Orchestra Mberikwazvo asking to rejoin the band.

“We’ve been following the pleas and feedback from fans and we really value it but should we then approach him?

“He has his ambitions which I support and can we talk of this issue when he hasn’t approached us?” queried Macheso.

“We appreciate the feedback and it’s been our strengths over the years, there are many incidents we end up recruiting after calls by fans during our live shows.

“It means that person would have made an official approach and asked by the management to come at one of our shows, sort of an audition,” said Macheso.

Macheso said the post on Franco Slomo was just a throwback and appreciation of the dancer’s talent.

Macheso’s sentiments were echoed by his publicist Tich Makahamadze who said Orchestra Mberikwazvo follows the same model used at any organisation.

“We are also a company of professionals. When we want to recruit we make it known within our circles or we consider those who show interests and when it’s us who want services of any individual or organisation we also make a formal approach.

“I am saying all this to clarify on the calls by our fans following a post of our former dancer Franco Slomo.

“He has not approached the man himself or the band seeking employment or rejoining the band,” said Makahamadze.

Makahamadze said it is not a new thing to readmit people at Mberikwazvo describing his boss as a kind-hearted person.

Slomo left Mberikwazvo with Noel Nyazanda, Jonasi Kasamba and Obert Gomba who all since retraced their roots while he continued fronting Extra Kwazvose.

Gomba, however, later left the band for South Africa.

Some of the members who also left Macheso and later rejoined after finding the pastures not so green include Donald Gogo, Zachariah Zakaria, Tafi Nyamunda and Elton Muropa

“It’s not new, we have witnessed many members leaving and coming back even more than once. Even those who left saying a lot of things have been embraced because we believe in helping each other and also appreciate individual talent.

“Mdhara (Macheso) is known for his kind heart and when anyone approaches him with a request, we always consider it and see what we can do as the manager,” said Makahamadze.

— HMetro

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