Drama as naughty man sneaks into mom’s bedroom & watches her enjoying sweet se_x with her boyfriend

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A man who watched his mother while she was having se_x with her lover and on another day watched her bathing has been fined $200.

A court heard that Algernon Antony (24) watched his mother Tiffany Antony (43) while she was enjoying herself with her lover.

Tiffany took to the stand and said: “Your Worship, I was with my boyfriend in my bedroom then Algernon came into my bedroom while we were having se_x.”

“I tried to tell him to move away but he would not listen to me. He kept watching us for several minutes,” she said.

She added: “When I asked him why he was doing that he said there is nothing that I would do to him and slammed the door in my face.”

The court also heard that on a later date Algernon took his weird appetite of watching his mother in a nak_ed state to another level when he peeped through the window and watched her while she was taking a bath.

Tiffany said: “When I was bathing I noticed him watching me through the window. I then confronted him but he once again asked what I would do to him. I had to report the matter at Mzilikazi police station.”

Algernon pleaded guilty to both counts of criminal insult.

“Your Worship, I’m sorry about what I did. I was going to the bathroom and I didn’t know she was sleeping with somebody. I just bumped into them and I watched them in shock and disbelief. It wasn’t my intention to watch her having se_x with her lover. I’m also really sorry that it was a mistake that when I peeped through the toilet window it happened that my mother was bathing,” he said while begging for leniency.

He asked the court to spare him a custodial sentence.

“I kindly ask the court to spare me a jail sentence. I can pay a fine. I make something in the region of $500 a month,” he said.

Magistrate Amanda Ndlovu said: “The accused is the complainant’s son and is contrite. He also pleaded with the court for leniency.

The accused is a first offender and should be spared a custodial sentence. He stated that he is able to pay a fine. In light of that the accused is supposed to pay $200 fine by 30 June failure to do so he has to perform 35 hours of community service at Mzilikazi Police Station which he has to complete within a week.”

Patson Muchingami represented the State.

— BMetro

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