FIREWORKS: Date for mass action against Mnangagwa’s corrupt government set

President Emmerson Mnangagwa

TRANSFORM Zimbabwe leader Jacob Ngarivhume has urged Zimbabweans to voice out against economic and political challenges as well as corruption facing the country through a mass protest slated for the 31st of July 2020.

Posting on Twitter, Ngarivhume accused the Zanu PF government of plundering the country resources while criminalizing dissent, which he said has forced Zimbabweans to take action and free themselves.

Below is Ngarivhume’s full statement which has received overwhelming response…

31 July is a day for your voice to be heard. Zimbabwe has been plundered by selfish, self serving politicans who do not care how many lives they destroy in their quest for money and power.

Our work leading up to that day starts now. Our brothers and sisters in the police and army have been weaponized against us for too long.

We must challenge them now to consider the facts and see that those in power have committed serious crimes against Zimbabwe.

31 July is not a political agenda but a people agenda. To give a voice to mothers watching helplessly as their children go hungry. To give a voice to the man in his 40s who hasn’t had a steady job for 20 years.

As a people we must realize there is nothing we cannot do. The sky is the limit for what we can accomplish when we clear the path of forces that have acted against us for so long.

We can see our promised land, our God given destiny. It is fine to move towards it!

Corruption is crippling our nation. Zimbabwe is borrowing millions from Afreximbank because our natural resources are being looted. There is no transparency and there is little accountability.

This is not a Zanu PF problem. It is our problem and it’s time we fix it!

Continue your efforts to reach out to your friends and family in the uniformed services expressing your support for them and their situation.

31 July we are speaking as one nation; Police, Army, Citizens, political groups, churches, unions- WE ARE DONE WITH CORRUPTION!!

The response to the call to STAND on 31 July is incredible. It is very clear that people are fed up with the way things are.

So now the intimidation starts- we have to be strong and united. What we want is greater than anything Zanu PF will ever give us.

– Zimbabwe Voice

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