This is what will happen to Thokozani Khupe’s MDC-T soon after extraordinary congress


Acting MDC-T secretary-general Douglas Mwonzora is reportedly acting on his own in recalling MDC Alliance MPs in order to prepare the ground for taking over the party’s presidency at the Supreme Court-ordered extraordinary congress (EOC).

A political analyst, Davis Laque, says there is palpable discord within the MDC-T camp evidenced by Abednico Bhebhe, the party’s 2014 organisation secretary’s recent remarks in support of the MDC Alliance officials’ attendance of the EOC.

Laque opines that it is highly likely that after the EOC, the MDC-T will split. Below Laque’s full thread of Twitter:

1] Whereas the official communication remains that the recalls of MDC-A MPs are being done through the MDC-T National Council, which is the legal norm, MDC-T officials are saying otherwise. In actual fact, Mwonzora is acting unilaterally and arm-twisting Dr Khupe in the process.

2] Mwonzora is simply doing what he failed at the Gweru Congress. He is taking one more swing at the MDC Presidency. Dr Khupe is just being (ab)used to legitimize the antics. Mwonzora through the MDC-A MPs recall is effectively creating his own political fiefdom.

3] The strategy is to surround himself with loyalists. Mwonzora won’t take chances here. In fact, it is already clear as to who’s in charge of the MDC-T. He is clipping the wings of all other Congress frontrunners. Remember that an EOC’s sole mandate is electing a President.

4] First to raise the red flag was Eng Mudzuri. He cautioned Mwonzora’s trigger happy conduct by saying: “Just because you have a divorce certificate doesn’t mean you should throw your spouse out in the night” Shakespeare Mukoyi had equally expressed his frustrations with the recalls.

5] MDC-T 2014 structures Organizing Secretary, Abednigo Bhebe is the latest party official to express concern over the recalls… Bhebe says: “It is disturbing when senior leaders become that divisive as to want to bar others from participating in the congress”.

6] Bhebe continues: “The court judgment speaks to two formations — one led by Khupe and the other led by Chamisa and I do not understand how anyone can be said to belong to the MDC-A party”. He cautions that as the one in charge of Congress structures, he won’t “fold his hands”.

7] From statements made by Mudzuri (VC), Bhebe (Organising Sec) & Mukoyi (Youth Chair), it is clear that the recalls even by MDC-T madness standards, are not procedural. Who then is recalling MPs and why? What is the immediate end-game behind the recalls? Who’s in charge?

8] As we ponder over the obvious, we are told Dr Khupe’s aides are being manhandled at [Harvest House]. This faction isn’t united towards constitutionalism as they would have you believe. It’s just a fight for positions by career politicians who can’t fathom life outside politics.

9] But even if the MDC-T by some political miracle navigates these trying times successfully, post-Congress, vachamwashuka-mwashuka. It’s a dog eat dog. Some are rushing to the media to sing their political soliloquy. But what can the press do? Carry your crosses.

— Laque

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