Change is very close, I feel it: Chamisa tells Zimbabweans as he throws weight behind July 31 demo

MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa

MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa has confirmed his opposition party will support and join mass protests to end what he called an authoritarian pandemic in Zimbabwe.

Chamisa was addressing party supporters during an online rally themed: “Fight For Better Livelihoods” Sunday.

“I have seen protests being organised. We say every Zimbabwean who organises any protest against Zanu PF, we will definitely join,” Chamisa said.

“So we will support all democratic forces, all progressive citizens shall be supported. This year action is inevitable and this action will be done according to our own timetable.”

The opposition leader, whose party has seen a number of MPs and councillors recalled from Parliament and local councils by the rival MDC-T, said Zimbabweans should be united and demand real change.

“What we want is a unity of purpose and a unity of direction. We call upon all Zimbabweans, churches, trade unions, business, war veterans and students to unite and demand real change.

“We will make sure anyone who comes with an agenda to make life better for Zimbabweans, we will join them. Even those in the State, who feel that we must join hands, if it’s a demonstration for civil servants, the MDC Alliance will join them because what we believe in, is a democratic, free Zimbabwe.”

He said his party would also soon issue a signal to Zimbabweans to rise and “demand real change”.

“We have reached a crossroad where crucial decisions should be made. We have people mobilising in communities. Wait for the signal and don’t get scared when we alert you with what we will assign you to do.

“We want to give you a chorus for better lives, we need a chorus for a people’s government. We want a chorus for justice, chorus for constitutionalism. This is not far, change is very close, I feel it, and I know it that something is about to happen soon. We will come out with one voice and say, ‘enough is enough’,” Chamisa said.

He told the party faithful that Zimbabwe was under siege.

“The country is crying for a shepherd, a person who doesn’t beat people when they are staging a peaceful demonstration, but who listens to their issues. Zimbabwe needs a father, Zimbabwe needs a shepherd, Zimbabwe needs a leader.

“What we want is a free Zimbabwe, a democratic Zimbabwe. What we want is a transformed Zimbabwe, what we want is a happy Zimbabwe, what we want is a prosperous country.”

The opposition leader added: “When we say God is in it, it’s not a slogan, it’s a statement of faith, a testament of what we believe in, so the voice of the people is the voice of the people and the voice of God is the voice of God.

“You hear some saying the voice of the people is the voice of God, that’s blasphemy, its paganism, you don’t say that, you cannot equate ordinary people to God, God is God. Those who say that passed through the church’s back door.”

— NewZimbabwe

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