Prophet Mboro breathes fire, slams Joshua: Stop calling yourself a bishop, you’re an anti-christ

Prophet Paseka Mboro Motsoeneng

IT would appear that a holy war is brewing.

It’s between Prophet “Mboro” Motsoeneng and Bishop Joshua Maponga.

Motsoeneng came out guns blazing, saying Maponga isn’t a bishop.

Prophet Mboro Motsoeneng and Bishop Joshua Maponga

“He should stop calling himself a bishop. He’s an anti-christ. He insulted Jesus saying he is a white man and that God doesn’t save black people.

“He’s someone who’s just hungry for fame. He’s not doing anything for our communities,” said Mboro.

“He’s not saving lives. He just talks too much. He used to speak good about Christ, but he’s now anti-Christ. He’s a false bishop.”

The leader of Incredible Happenings Ministries said he didn’t care much about what Bishop Joshua Maponga says.

“All I’m saying is that he shouldn’t call himself a bishop and then insult God and Jesus. He should make it clear that he’s anti-Christ.

“Maponga is not one of us bishops, pastors and prophets. He’s just a bitter person. We don’t want him to speak ill of our Lord Jesus.”

He said Maponga tarnished their name as men of the cloth.

“He’s calling for people to despise God. His statement will cause havoc,” he said.

Mboro’s remarks were prompted by Maponga’s recent interview that has gone viral.

During the interview, which has been circulating on social media, Maponga was asked if he believed Jesus Christ died for us.

He said: “The day I see a white man die for a black man, I’ll believe white Jesus died for people.

“As far as I’m concerned, the black man is still hanging on the cross surrounded by the two thieves on the left and on the right.

“These are the Europeans and Chinese who’re busy crucifying Africa on the same cross. Let’s talk about the death of Africa.”

Speaking to Daily Sun, Maponga said listening is a skill.

He said: “A certain king told people to cut the ear (sika indlebe). He meant listen carefully, but some people cut their ears for real. That’s what Mboro is doing.”

Maponga said he wasn’t talking literally about Christ, but about systems oppressing Africans.

“Jesus’ sermon was that he came to free people. We’re not free as Africans. How come this freedom only applies to white people?

“Black people have never experienced it, so when I say he didn’t die for a black person I mean we’ve not realised benefits of salvation.”

He was disappointed in Mboro.

“As a man of God, if he doesn’t agree with a statement I made, he should come to me and address it in a religious manner and not run to the media. That destroys religious people’s name.

“I invite him to come to the Abafundisi show, so he can be part of the conversation,” he said.

On his title, he said, he didn’t need to explain himself to Mboro.

“I’ve worked for the Lord for more than 33 years. I don’t need Mboro’s approval.”

About being called an anti-Christ, Maponga said: “I believe in Yashuwa. I don’t believe in the white imagery of a white Messiah, the ideology that black people are inferior to white people.

“If Christianity represents the oppression of a black person, then I don’t believe in that Christianity.

“But if it teaches Africans that they’re equally created in the image of God, then you can call me to that church.”

Mboro said: “I never said I want to give him approval. I’m saying he shouldn’t tarnish the image of Christianity.”

Speaking on behalf of the SA Council of Churches, Bishop Thami Ngcana said: “This isn’t the first video we’ve seen. There are some videos we deem misleading.

“The council will meet and give its take on everything. We’ll provide our response by Wednesday.”

— DailySun

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