New Covid-19 regulations: Police spokesman Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi updates Zimbabweans

Asst Comm Nyathi

POLICE have announced new and industry specific requirements for members of the public to be allowed to pass through police checkpoints and roadblocks in line with the latest Covid-19 regulations.

National police spokesman Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi yesterday said in a statement that the public should take heed of the new regulations if they are to be allowed to pass through various roadblocks that have been set across cities and along major highways.

He said for those in the health sector, they are required to be in uniform and have work identity cards. For those in civilian attire, Asst Comm Nyathi said they should have a letter from the medical superintendent or chief executive officer stating the place, dates and times for reporting on and off duty.

“The contact details of the chief executive officer (CEO) to be indicated on the letter,” he said.

For companies and organisations, he said people should also have letters from the CEO or general manager stating the place, days and times of reporting on and off duty.

For Ministries/ Parastals Headquarters and Provincial levels, Asst Comm Nyathi said people should have an exemption letter from directors and above, stating the duty, place, days and times of reporting.

“At Provincial level — an exemption letter from the provincial heads stating the duty, days and times of reporting. The letter to indicate contact details of the responsible person.”

He said for Commercial A2 and A1 farmers, they should have an offer letter or lease agreement and exemption certificate from the officer-in-charge of the local police station.

Communal farmers are required to have a supporting letter from the headman/village head stating the business to be done, the date, the time and place and an exemption letter from the police.

Asst Comm Nyathi said those operating food outlets should have certified photocopies of a shop licence and an exemption letter from the officer-in-charge of a local police station.

He said those providing private security services must have a uniform, company identity document and letter from management stating dates and time of reporting on and off duty.

For funerals, he said concerned relatives should produce a copy of the burial order to the local police station.

“Officer-in-Charge Station, Officer Commanding District and Officer Commanding Province to issue exemption letters showing destination and dates of movement to those who intend to bury relatives in other towns, rural areas.”

Asst Comm Nyathi said all the documents should indicate the contact details of the person who issued them in order for them to be validated.

He also said shopping should be done as near as possible to home.

“In addition, members of the public are implored to do their shopping within a five-kilometre radius from their residence to acquire basic necessities like food, gas and medicine,” he said.

New regulations were announced by President Emmerson Mnangagwa last week as a means of curtailing the further spread of Covid-19 as the virus was spreading rampantly particularly in the two metropolitan provinces of Harare and Bulawayo.

The new regulations include a curfew from 6pm to 6am, and that businesses should operate from 8am to 3pm, and people who are not employed must stay at home all the time.

— Sunday News

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