You want to kill me so that you can take over my house: Chaos as sekuru torments gogo


AN elderly Bulawayo man is accusing his wife of bewitching him so that she could inherit his house when he dies.

The incessant accusations coupled with insults and death threats from her violent husband John Moyo left the woman Elia Moyo with no choice, but to seek a protection order from the courts.

She described her husband as violent and determined to kill her.

The elderly couple who married in October 1979 are staying at the same house in New Lobengula.

Elia told the court that her husband was accusing her of bewitching him so that she could take over the house.

“I got married to John Moyo in October 1979. Since March this year he has been verbally abusive towards me and my children. He has been chasing us from the house saying I am bewitching him so that I could inherit his house when he dies. This is because we got married following the death of his first wife.

“He also behaves in a very threatening manner and when he starts shouting at me, he raises his voice loud enough that even people on the road will be hearing what he will be saying. He is always saying I want to kill him so that I inherit his house. The last incident of violence was on 10 July when he tried to evict me from the house,” said Gogo Elia.

She adds: “He indicated that when I die my funeral wake will be held at a neighbour’s house. I am asking this court to order him not to chase me together with the children from the house and not to verbally abuse me so that there will be peace at home. If he evicts us, we have nowhere to go”.

Her husband, however, didn’t come to court to defend himself leading the presiding magistrate Nomasiko Ndlovu to grant the order in favour of Gogo Elia.

The magistrate ordered John not to verbally abuse his wife or threaten her in any way. John was also ordered not to evict her from the matrimonial house without a valid court order.

— BMetro

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