Nkayi man uses manhood to test for daughter's virginity, impregnates her twice


NKAYI villagers in Matabeleland North were shocked by revelations that one of the headman allegedly inspected his daughter’s virginity by "dipping" his manhood in the girl’s privates.

It seems withdrawing the "manhood" became difficult resulting in the man allegedly quenching his sexual zest and impregnating the 16-year-old girl.

It is alleged that the man (name withheld) started having sex with his daughter last year under the pretext that he was checking whether she was still a virgin.
One of the villagers, speaking on condition of anonymity said: "The matter came to light sometime last year when the girl asked her friend if her father checked her virginity as well.

"She narrated her ordeal and the friend advised her to report the matter to an elder. She then went and told one of the headman’s assistants."

The headman’s assistant was shocked when the girl shared her problem with him and it is reported that he had a hard time in making a decision on what to do.

"He kept the matter to himself for some time and the girl kept on updating him of what was happening. At one time she told him that she was pregnant and her father had forced her to abort. The matter started haunting the man and on the other hand the girl realising that the person she had hoped will come to her rescue was doing nothing, she told her step-mother. Still, the woman never took any action as well," said the source.

The girl’s issue haunted the headman’s assistant and when she told him that her father had impregnated her again, he could not keep it to himself. He told other villagers and as a result, when word spread in the village, people became divided. Some were of the opinion that the matter should be reported to the police while others said the matter would be "degrading" to their leader and therefore should be ignored.

"When a person keeps a dog, he expects it to bite other people, but the minute it turns on him, it becomes something else. When the headman heard about the issue, he immediately fired his assistant. Although the headman tried to dismiss what was being said, the girl’s stomach ballooned and she maintained that her father was responsible," said the source.

Villagers reported the matter to the police and it is alleged that after the first report nothing was done until the time they confronted a senior officer.

"When the headman heard that the matter had been reported again, we understand he invited three women to his homestead and used them to convince the girl to drop the charges. They told her that if her father got arrested, she was going to suffer alone with the baby and it seems they had a long meeting with the girl. After the meeting, the girl made it clear that she was no longer interested in pursuing the case. Police picked up the girl on Friday and was at the police station the whole weekend where she was assisting police with their investigations," said the source.

One of the villagers, alleged to have been used by the headman in convincing the girl confirmed that they had a meeting with the girl saying: "We were called by the man at his homestead telling us that it was said he slept with his daughter. There is nothing I can say."

The girl refused to comment on the issue and the headman refuted the allegations saying: "People who are after my post are making false reports and as for the messenger I fired him after I discovered that he was proposing love to my wife. I do not know what is really happening and police kept my daughter the whole weekend, something I have never heard of, I do not know what they are trying to do."

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