LATEST: Thokozani Khupe reveals the real owner of MDC-T party…It’s NOT a people’s project

Thokozani Khupe and President Emmerson Mnangagwa

Dr Thokozani Khupe’s spokesperson Khalipani Phugeni says the MDC-T is a Tsvangirai family project and that they are not in any way trying to rope them in to gain public sympathy.

MDC-T has been accused of trying to use the late Morgan Tsvangirai’s family to appear to be the genuine party that was led by the veteran trade unionist who succumbed to colon cancer in February 2018.

Late Morgan Tsvangirai

The party, after performing what was described by some as rituals at Morgan Tsvangirai’s grave, promised to take care of Gogo Tsvangirai and went on to draft Manase Tsvangirai into its structures.

They also have Vincent Tsvangirai in their books, a development which led to some people to conclude that they could be trying to use the family to gain sympathy from those who followed the late veteran politician.

However, in an interview on Tuesday Talk, Phugeni said that was far from the truth as the party is already a family project and that they are not trying to rope anyone or seeking any sympathy.

“We are not trying to rope in the Tsvangirai family, this is their project, the party is called Movement for Democratic Change Tsvangirai, so this is their thing.

“Its their project, and we are not trying to act in any fun way or whatsoever, its their project, the headquarters is named after their father, brother or son so there is nothing amiss here,” he said.

The late Tsvangirai led the MDC from its formation in 2000 up to the time of his death in 2018 and his greatest achievement was when he became Prime Minister of the country during the inclusive government.

Zimbabweans are of the view that they lived the best of their lives during the era of the inclusive government that came as a result of the Global Political Agreement.

Before his death due to colon cancer which has also claimed the lives of Patson Dzamara and Black Panther actor Chadwick Boseman during this week, Tsvangirai had formed the MDC Alliance, an election pact that was seen as the answer to defeating Zanu PF.

Meanwhile, Khalipani Phugeni has also revealed that there is nothing surprising about Dr Khupe getting into Parliament as one of the Proportional Representation legislators, adding that the party wants her to lead their caucus.

“Dr Khupe is the leader of the party so it should come as no surprise to anyone that she is going to lead us in Parliament.

“We need our president in Parliament, we need to be able to show leadership and direction so its common cause you will have your president in Parliament leading the caucus,” he said.

However, law expert Dr Alex Magaisa criticised Khupe for trying to enter Parliament on a ticket of a political party that she contested against and was defeated, adding that she should be ashamed about it.

— Open Parly

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