‘My late gogo’s ghost visits me in my dreams, my life is a mess’


KATLEHO Molefe is tired of her dead gogo’s wedding demand.

She said her grandmother, who died in 2001, wants her to marry her adopted son, who she sees as her uncle.


The 38-year-old from Braamfisher in Soweto told Daily Sun her life was great until her gogo started appearing in her dreams two years ago.

“I’ve visited her grave countless times to beg her, but nothing works.”

“I always had a close relationship with him and had never looked at him as someone who can be my husband. I was shocked when my grandmother insisted I marry him,” said Katleho.

She said she got angry when her uncle told her he was open to the idea.

Katleho said her gogo’s visits were making her sick.

“I’ve been to various prophets and sangomas, who advised me to plead with her.


“I’ve visited her grave countless times to beg her, but nothing works. My life is a mess. I can’t even work anymore,” she said.

Katleho’s uncle, Thato Phokwane (41), said he also dreamt of his mum telling him that Katleho was the woman he should marry.

He said he now understood why his other relationships failed. “I’ve always loved Katleho, but I never thought of her as my wife. However, I’m willing to marry her, if this is what my mum wants,” said Thato. Katleho’s husband said the situation drained him and he wished the gogo would stop bothering his family.

“We’ve been seeking help everywhere, but no one is able to help us,” he said.

Sangoma Joseph Dungamanzi said no sangoma would be able to help Katleho.

He said she’ll have to do a ceremony to plead with her gogo.

— DailySun

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