Married man jailed after raping curvy woman at Soul Jah Love’s birthday bash: I miss my wife


A father of one who rap_ed his curvy girlfriend after Soul Jah Love’s birthday bash in 2014 wants a second chance.

Barnabas Brand, 27, who worked for a local car sales owner, said he has accepted his situation.

“It’s not something I have wanted but its life and I have to accept the reality and move forward,” said Brand.

The Highfield bred inmate said all the hell broke loose after Soul Jah Love’s birthday bash in his neighbourhood when he rap_ed his girlfriend at a friend’s place.

“I found myself here after being convicted of rap_ing my girlfriend.

“I met her in Glen View at a pub and became an item and all the trouble occurred after Jah Love’s birthday bash in the Highfield.

“I tried to give my side of the story but I was convicted and that was that.

“It’s however sad how it happened and I can explain for the whole day but the right thing to do right now is to move on and accept the reality,” he said.

Asked what he missed most, Brand said:

“Of course I miss my wife and child, friends and family.

“I also miss my uncles who employed me at their car sales and I hope they will take me back once released.

“My relatives have been coming here to see my and they all gave me strength to accept my situation and being rehabilitated like others.”

Brand has vowed to ulitise the life skills he has acquired in prison.

“We are taught new things every day here and if you are willing to learn, this is the right platform to repent.

“In my case, I am learning new things and I hope to do well once I am released here,” he added.

— HMetro

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