Jonathan Moyo speaks out as Thokozani Khupe delivers a heavy blow to embattled Nelson Chamisa


SELF-EXILED former ZANU-PF propagandist Professor Jonathan Moyo has described as “shocking ostrich behaviour” the response by MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa as the opposition party continues getting sunk by political blows from rival a opposition camp led by Thokozani Khupe.

Khupe’s MDC-T yesterday said it is now known as the MDC Alliance in yet another dramatic twist in the battle for the control of Zimbabwe’s main opposition party. Khupe has been literally delivering sinking blows to Chamisa since March 30th when the Supreme Court gave her the party reins and declared Chamisa illegitimate.

She has gone on to seize the party headquarters, vehicles and bank accounts as well as the right to political funding from the Treasury. The MDC-T has also recalled dozens of Councillors, MPs, Mayors and Senators who have pledged loyalty to Chamisa, leaving some municipalities on the brink.

Professor Moyo thinks the response Chamisa who says he will continue using the MDC Alliance name, is a pedestrian response that shows lack of tact, strategy and good political advice. Moyo also says the actions by Khupe have been very predictable such that Chamisa should have handled them better.

“The actions by Khupe and Douglas Mwonzora have been expected and predictable since the 31 March Supreme Court judgment. What has been unexpected and unpredictable is the ostrich response by MDC Alliance!” said Moyo.

He distanced himself from being Chamisa’s advisors and said he wished he were advising the young presidential aspirant.

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) recently announced that by-elections to replace the recalled MDC Alliance legislators and councillors will be held on December 5.

Komichi said their outfit would contest the polls as MDC Alliance, a development that leaves Chamisa’s group in a quandary. So far 21 legislators and 84 councillors have been recalled.

“We are actually the MDC Alliance,” Komichi said yesterday in an interview to clarify his earlier pronouncements.

“Technically, the people we removed are MDC Alliance MPs and councillors so there will be a conflict of ideas if we use the MDC-T name. The MDC-T is our name, but we are trading in elections as MDC Alliance.

“Imagine if we were to have an MP under the MDC-T banner, how will that MP relate to our MPs now known as MDC Alliance MPs?”

Fadzayi Mahere, the MDC Alliance spokesperson, last night said the party would not change its identity.

“The party restates that it is the MDC Alliance party,” Mahere said in a communiqué after a meeting of the MDC Alliance national executive committee in Harare.

“It contested the 2018 election as the MDC Alliance. As the alternative, it has MPs in Parliament and councillors in local authorities.

“It has been victimised as the MDC Alliance and will win as the MDC Alliance. It will remain the MDC Alliance.”

Jameson Timba, the MDC Alliance secretary for presidential affairs, accused the Khupe group of working with the ruling Zanu PF to destroy the opposition.

“Those whom the gods want to destroy, they first make them mad. Very soon, their acting president will be calling herself Nelson Chamisa,” Timba said.

“Zanu PF is so afraid of Chamisa that it is imposing a person, who boycotted the MDC Alliance formation as a leader of the MDC Alliance party.

“They continue to lose sleep over his popular support. The political question will be decisively settled by the people.”

Zanu PF denies that it is backing the Khupe group. An MDC-T insider said the move to claim the MDC Alliance name followed concerns that the party would perform dismally in the by-elections as it was failing to get any traction.

The party was allegedly banking on Zanu PF agreeing to amend the constitution to stop by-elections and allow for Khupe’s backers to go to Parliament and councils through the back door.

– Zimbabwe Voice/The Standard

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