Evil people make life difficult for man who sells black chickens: This is what sangoma told him


HE started breeding and selling chickens four years ago to help feed his community.

However, some devious people had other plans for them!


Now Benjamin Sithole is worried he might be affected by these deeds and wants nothing to do with it.

The 51-year-old from Plastic View, Tshwane, said he sells his chickens between R35 and R45, depending on the size.

He said some people specifically asked for a black chicken, while others preferred to pick up the chicken after sunset.

“I became aware that most of the people who bought black chickens from me did not plan to eat them. They instead use them for rituals and to curse other people.

“They are specific about what kind of chickens they want, even if I can recommend a different one,” he told Daily Sun.

Benjamin said he found all this out when a sangoma told him what some people had been doing with his chickens.

He said the sangoma told him that people used chickens to cast a spell on others.

“I was told they prefer black chickens or gold and black ones. If it’s for an older person, they buy a bigger chicken and if it’s for a child, they buy the smallest one,” he said.

Benjamin said he noticed this behaviour in some of his customers, but ignored it.

He believed allowing people to buy the chickens from him, he was also part of the evil they could be practising.

“I am a child of God and don’t want to associate myself with the evil people do.

“Although I tried to turn a blind eye, deep down I’m scared that all the curses they are making using my chickens will come back to me or my children,” he said.

Benjamin said this has made things difficult for him as the chickens put food on his table.

He said he has since become reluctant to sell the chickens and didn’t know how he was going to provide for his family.

“This was a good income. I still sell the chickens, but I question my customers and some get irritated and leave,” he said.

Sangoma Gogo Majoko Hlongwane said there was no need for Benjamin to be scared.

She said people used chickens and their blood to give someone bad luck, but that won’t affect the person they bought the chicken from.

“Yes, they are specific about what kind of chicken they want for the purpose of the curse, but all that Benjamin is doing is selling the chickens.

“He is not encouraging them, so I don’t see how that will affect him,” she said.

One of Benjamin’s customers, Dorris Tau (37), said it has been difficult to get chickens from him.

She said she felt like she was in an interrogation room the last time she went to buy a chicken from him.

“I love his chickens because they are big and affordable, but it has been tough getting chickens from him,” she told the People’s Paper.

— DailySun

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