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A SEVEN-YEAR-OLD girl who went missing last week Thursday was found around 8pm sleeping in a bushy area in Sandton after she had fled spanking from her mother.

The child was found by two women who took her to their home where the minor disclosed that she had ran away after her mother Veronica Kadyevhu allegedly beat her up over school work.

Nyarai Chauma, one of the women who found the girl revealed to H-Metro how she took care of the seven year old.

“We were passing by the bushy area at around 8pm then when we reached the bridge, we saw the little girl sleeping mumahuswa asina bhutsu and we started running away screaming for help.

“The girl started screaming running after us until we reached the main road where we stopped and asked her why she was sleeping in the bush.

“This child told us she had gone to see her grandmother but it was not the case.

“We took her home where we gave her food until the next morning when she opened up.

“She told us that her mother always beat her up every time that is why she decided to run away.

“We took the matter to the police and her mother was called in for questioning,” explained Nyarai.

In an interview, the mother Kadyevhu explained to H-Metro that she did spank her but did not realise the matter would get this serious.

“Ndakamurova mbichana iye ndokuti akuenda kuna baba vake.

“I told her not to look outside while I was schooling her and she did not listen, that’s why I spanked her.

“Dai ndainyatsoda kumurova ndaivhara door but that’s not the case.

“Ndakatozvigarira mumba zvangu ndichiti arikutamba panze izvo anga atoenda,” she said.

The father who identified himself as Pintfora and had just arrived from Bindura added.

“Hapana zvakanyanya zvaakaitwa asi kungoti mwana anoda baba vake stereki that’s why she ran away, otherwise hapana nyaya”.

Neighbours who spoke on condition of anonymity claimed that the mother, Kadyevhu is in the habit of severely beating her children while her husband is employed in Bindura.

After the minor went missing, the mother took to social media platforms appealing for the whereabouts of the child as fear spread following the trending story of the seven year old Murewa boy who was gruesomely murdered a fortnight ago.

Reports say Veronica Kadyevhu was let off the hook since she is taking care of her new born baby who is her fifth child.

— HMetro

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