I hear a voice saying ‘I will kill you’ at midnight: Gogo cries as tokoloshe cuts her with razor


THEY approached gogo in January as tenants who wanted to rent space for their salon.

So an unsuspecting gogo Emily Zulu allowed them to erect a shack in her yard.


“I thought I’d have peace of mind after I left the bedroom, but the tokoloshe followed me.”

On top of that, gogo Emily said she sometimes wakes up to find she’s been cut by what looks like a razor.

She showed the SunTeam marks on her shoulder.

It turns out what she thought were tenants were actually fake izangoma who wanted her house.

The 67-year-old gogo from Vosloorus, Ekurhuleni, said the tenants used to tell her that her house was possessed and that she had to sell it.

They also advised her to bring money to them so they could cleanse it. But gogo was reluctant.

“I’ve been living in this house since 1981 and have never been tortured by a tokoloshe or any other evil spirit.

“But now they’re telling me my house is possessed and I should sell it. Why would I do such a stupid thing?”

Gogo said the tenants then started to act strange when she refused to take their advice.

She said she once caught them planting muthi in her yard, and she sometimes saw them in a dream performing rituals in her yard.

“I approached them and told them to stop what they were doing,” she said.

Gogo Emily said she couldn’t sleep at night as strange things happened in her bedroom.

“I hear a voice saying ‘I will kill you’ at midnight,” she said while sobbing.

“I couldn’t take it anymore and ran away from the bedroom to sleep on the sofa.

“I thought I’d have peace of mind after I left the bedroom, but the tokoloshe followed me.”

Gogo Emily then decided to kick the tenants out, but still can’t sleep.

“I need help. I prefer prayer, not izangoma,” she said.

“I fear allowing izangoma into my yard. I might attract the same people.”

Resident Velaphi Mhlanga said gogo Emily told them how she’d been tortured by a tokoloshe after the tenants arrived.

“She told us her nightmares started after her tenants demanded she sell her house, claiming it was possessed,” said Velaphi.

“We didn’t like it because we know people have lost their houses due to these fake izangoma.

“Gogo must just thank her angels for giving her the guts to decline these izangoma’s suggestions.”

Daily Sun has previously reported on stories of fake izangoma who forced innocent victims to sell their houses and later ran away with the proceeds.

– DailySun

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