Haungandikwire mahara: Drama as man runs to court after wife denied him sεx over unpaid lobola


SE_X is arguably one of the most intimate expressions of love for married couples. So, what happens when one partner constantly says no to se_x?

For men it can cause a blow to their ego and for that reason a man from Gokwe approached a traditional court lamenting how his wife was using se_x as a bargaining chip, by barring him from having se_xual intercourse with her until he paid the balance on the bride price.

It is reported that Eunice Chitangu from Marumisa village under Chief Nemangwe decided to punish her husband Nesbert Chitondo by denying him se_x as punishment for allegedly demanding se_x all the time even when she was not in the mood.

It was revealed to B-Metro that in January this year, Chitangu who felt her husband should not continue enjoying her affection without giving her parents their dues as an appreciation for raising a woman who bore him four children solemnly told him the comfort, he had enjoyed was equivalent to the lobola he had so far paid.

Irked by his wife’s “sufficient reason” to deny him his conjugal rights, Chitondo then approached Chief Nemangwe’s traditional court complaining that his wife was holding him at ransom by allegedly denying him se_x on grounds that he had not yet finished paying lobola for her.

According to a source who claimed to have intimate details of the incident, Chitondo was now accusing his wife of having a boyfriend arguing that same boyfriend must be the one who has been issuing instructions to his wife so that he doesn’t get his c0njugal rights.

“In his case which is yet to be heard before Chief Nemangwe, Chitondo is complaining about his wife saying since January this year, he has not had se_x with her because every time he tries to stimulate her se_xual desires, she would refuse saying he should pay the outstanding lobola.

“Despite the fact he wanted the chief to restore the c0njugal rights, Chitondo was complaining that he was also fed up of living with a stingy and disrespectful wife,” the source said.

The source further said Chitondo tried his best to make his wife happy and he even preached to her on the dangers of leaving him se_xually starved, but to no avail.

B-Metro also gathered that central to the dispute is the fact that Chitondo was constantly demanding se_x to an extent that he would even set his alarm clock an extra 30-40 minutes early so that he could fit in some of his lovemaking sessions with his seemingly restive wife.

Contacted for comment Chief Nemangwe could neither confirm nor deny the incident.

“I am not at liberty to comment on that case now because I have a lot of cases before me, which accumulated after we suspended hearings in March as part of Government’s efforts to reduce the spread of the deadly Covid-19. I will however, only be able to do so after I have presided over it,” said Chief Nemangwe.

— BMetro

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