Joy as Genius Ginimbi Kadungure & his boys paint Bulawayo red…As girls throw themselves at Ginimbi


Harare socialite, Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure partied up a storm in Bulawayo during the weekend as he, together with his boys and “toys” painted the city red.

Touching down in the city on Friday evening, Ginimbi who was accompanied to the city by his friends (popularly known as the boys) was a man on a mission. A mission to continue his birthday celebrations. And boy, what a party it was as it was spread over two days!

Never one to miss an opportunity to brag about his fancy lifestyle, especially his top of the range vehicles (toys), Ginimbi ensured that one of his latest additions, a Ferrari 488 Spider sports car was part of the entourage. To avoid straining the car on the highway, it was towed to the city from Harare using a tow truck while Ginimbi and his boys drove in fancy Range Rovers and latest Mercedes Benz SUV vehicles.

The plan was to use the Ferrari during his stay in the city as it is currently one of his favourite and outstanding vehicles after the Lamborghini. His other vehicles include Rolls Royces, Bentleys and a Mercedes Benz.

By the time he and his crew arrived in the evening, the Ferrari which landed in the country two months ago, was already parked at the Bulawayo Rainbow Hotel with hazards on, waiting impatiently for its owner to arrive so they start painting the town red. No two ways, the vehicle was eye-catching and so tempting to pose around or simply take a picture of. Without hesitation, people approached the vehicle to have a closer glimpse, but keeping a safe distance as the hotel’s security personnel were closely guarding it although they let people roam around it freely.

It is not every day that you get to see a Ferrari so it was expected that the car would attract so much attention. When the owner eventually arrived with more flashy cars, people were euphoric.

There was a man they usually see on social media bragging about his fancy lifestyle. Many asked to take pictures with him, to which he gladly agreed.

Ginimbi is quite a man of the people. He loves attention so much and when he gets it, he does not snub people as he greets them and adheres to their requests of posing for photos without hesitation.

After entertaining fans at the Rainbow Hotel, Ginimbi and crew went to Nesbitt Castle to hang out. His crew comprised the likes of Boss Tumelo, DJ Rimo Jackson, Patrick Chimpa and Hedley Mobbs popularly known as Papiichulo. They were soon joined by Bulawayo socialites, the likes of musician and forex dealer – Mcheznana, Moses “Moze” Matsveru who hosted the infamous Burnside party some months back, Archiford Zhanje popularly known as Boss Archie and Tawanda Gwasira among many others. Initially, this gathering where one of Bulawayo’s finest DJs, Nospa was on the decks, started off as a laid back event, but it later turned out to be a wicked exclusive party as not many people were aware of it. Most had hoped to see Ginimbi at popular spots in town, but alas, that was not to be as he spent the night at Nesbitt.

“I like Bulawayo a lot,” Ginimbi said while sipping on his Veuve Clicquot Rich champagne. And indeed, he meant every single word as it was clear he was having a good time. Periodically, some girls would throw themselves at him but his three bouncers whom he travelled with, would not entertain them. Some lucky ones though managed to have their two minutes of fame as Ginimbi would allow them to interact with him. After a couple of hours, at about 2AM, the crew decided to call it quits as they needed to save energy for the next day, Saturday, as BET award-winning musician ShaSha was also coming down for an appearance at BAC Leisure.

Sadly, the crew slept hungry on the night as they would have wanted to buy food at a 24-hour outlet but due to Covid-19 restrictions, no place was operational. Ordering room service from the hotel, Ginimbi said was not an option as he knew it was going to take a lot of time.

On Saturday, the boys and their toys were ready to do what they do best, paint the city red. They went to places like Bradfield Shopping centre where once again, the entourage, especially the Ferrari commanded a lot of attention. From there, they went to Smokehouse where people were excited to see Ginimbi. Another top socialite, Harare businessman, Albert Ndabambi popularly known as Baba Luwa who recently trended after buying two Range Rovers for his wife also joined the crew on Saturday as he clearly did not want to miss out on the fun.

Wherever there is Ginimbi, there is loads of fun and his friends/business associates seem to love that about him evidenced by their support each time he embarks on a partying spree. Also joining them at Smokehouse was ShaSha, making the package more interesting.

Afterwards, it was time to party hard at BAC Leisure and at this stage, more people from Harare and other towns had descended on Bulawayo. Thousands of US dollars were spent by the crew at BAC as they ordered the most expensive whiskeys, cognacs and champagne including the famed Ace of Spades champagne. Not to be outdone were the likes of Boss Tumelo from the Power Circle crew who took turns to spray champagne showers in the club. But there was a challenge, some patrons had never experienced champagne showers so they took offence and it soon turned into a regional/tribal war as the revellers retaliated by throwing their lagers to the Power Circle. Despite this, the crew had a wonderful time at BAC Leisure where they enjoyed the city’s hospitality without doubt.

Yesterday was time to depart for Harare. But, before departing, the boys made a trip to the city’s high density suburbs to have an appreciation. At this point, their entourage had close to 10 SUVs.

— Chronicle

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