Zimbabwean nationals cause havoc in South Africa, face lengthy jail terms


Four Zimbabwean nationals face lengthy jail terms for a spate armed robberies, kidnapping and gruesome murders that took place in the area of Magalies mountain range and Mabopane highway in South Africa.

The four Zimbabwean nationals, Norest Sigaule (28), Cosmos Munyatadza (33), Anymore Gumbi (23) and Lucias Mbiza (21) have had their case before the courts postponed to next week, to allow police to verify their addresses and for the National Prosecuting Authority to verify their immigration statuses.

South African Police Service (SAPS) sources confirmed to this publication that more people could be arrested in connection with the attacks along the Magalies mountain range.

“The suspects were linked to various cases which included a September 2020 Akasia case of armed robbery, kidnapping and murder and a number of other serious and violent crimes, mostly armed robberies with a weapon other than a firearm.

“As you might have heard from social media platforms that people had gotten fed up with the spate of crimes, police had to take action.

“This happened days after several voice notes of people relaying their experiences of how they were attacked were widely circulated on social media platforms Facebook and WhatsApp.

“In an incident on 12 September, a victim was robbed of two cellphones while another was assaulted with stones, court papers revealed.

“Other incidents included a resident, Nick Bester who was also robbed of his cellphones, an undisclosed amount of cash and a licensed firearm.

“A victim who did not survive to tell the tale was Martha Mhangi, who was believed to be around the age of 35.

“Mhangi was kidnapped, shot dead after she and her husband stopped along the roadside of the highway,” he explained.

The arrests reportedly came after fed-up residents, tow-truck driver and motorists demonstrated on the R80 Mabopane highway in a bid to get police to view the crimes which occurred along the mountain range in a more serious light.

Tshwane Metro Police Department spokesperson Senior Superintendent Isaac Mahamba told South African media they were going beyond their mandate to protect citizens.

“More effort is being put into eradicating attacks on motorists, athletes and pedestrians along the R80 Mabopane highway.

“More people could be arrested in connection with the recent attacks along the Magalies mountain range,” he said.

— HMetro

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