SO SAD: Man fails to talk as 2 men cut his voice box and disappear, writes down what happened


A Mt Darwin man is battling for life after he was attacked by unknown assailants who slit his throat.

The man, Simbarashe Dzuda, was asleep when he was attacked and is not talking and is admitted at Karanda Hospital in intensive care unit as he is breathing through the throat.

On the fateful day he had an altercation with a woman whom he is owing some money.

The incident occurred on Friday last week and following the altercation, he was threatened over his delay to pay back the money.

A police report was made under CR142/10/20 Mt Darwin Police station and investigations are underway.

His sister, Tinashe Gondongwe, said they are concerned about their brother’s situation and need to know who did the attack to him.

“My brother is a mechanic and he owns a garage; he was owing one of his client some money.

“The debt is said to have been overdue and during the confrontations, the client warned him that he was taking advantage that the client was a woman.

“She then made a phone call which witnesses did not hear and without much delay, two men arrived at the scene where they intervened before they pushed Dzuda to pay back the debt.

“The men then promised to deal with Dzuda.

“What surprised witnesses was how they wanted to deal with him and how they were going to solve the issue.”

Tinashe said, following the confrontations, Dzuda made an effort to pay part of the money.

“On the same day he paid US$60 to the woman and promised to settle the remaining US$290 by Friday this week.

“They then signed some affidavits for guarantee.

“Around midnight, he knocked at a tenant’s doors but the tenant never opened instantly since it was odd hour but she noticed his voice and peeped only to see him nakεd.

“During that moment, that’s when other neighbours went out only to see him, with blood and nakεd,” she added.

Tinashe added:

“He is not speaking, so we are assuming that the assailants just cut his voice box and disappeared.

“He was also cut on his cheek and shoulder.

“He tried to move out of his room through crawling and blood was all over the place.

“The neighbours then ferried him to Mt Darwin hospital before being taken to Karanda where he was put in theatre.

“He was then placed on oxygen and he is breathing through a tube connecting through his throat.”

It is reported that Dzuda failed to talk.

“He failed to talk but he wrote down what transpired on the day and he did not see the suspects but only realised after the attack.

“We are still trying to find how this happened because from the look of things he was attacked whilst in the house not that he was attacked while outside.

“The attackers seemed to have had an intention to kill.”

— HMetro

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