Chaos as maShurugwi overpower security bouncers during chanter of the moment Jah Master’s show


Jah Master’s camp says the chanter of the moment had a miraculous escape in Chinhoyi after being held hostage for three hours by menacing artisanal miners.

The 24-year-old, whose video clip kicking a fan on stage last weekend has gone viral, said he acted in self-defence after the fan had become a nuisance after overpowering the security.

He, however, apologised for his actions and vowed to beef up his security in future.

“When we drove to Chinhoyi, we were not supposed to hold a show since gigs have been banned as part of the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions.

“We were advised that we were supposed to make a guest appearance at some birthday party with less than 50 people as stipulated by health regulations.

“When we arrived, our guest drove us around killing time but already fans had spotted our car.

“I was shocked when he ushered us into a packed hall and we could not refuse to appear on stage since the fans had been waiting for us.

“We were coerced to appear on stage as we feared that fans would either attack us or we would end up giving a bad image for no show,” he said.

Jah Master said all the hell broke loose when artisanal miners overpowered the security demanding selfies and pictures.

“I was overpowered by the artisanal minors and I was even injured at the back by the guy that I ended up kicking on stage.

“I’m really sorry for kicking that fan but he had become a menace since he was among the people who blocked me from leaving the stage.

“My security guys were also scared and we realised that there is need to beef the security in future,” he said.

The most sought after chanter said it was unfortunate that the person who took the video clip omitted the part where he was attacked.

“I know in the video I now appear like a rowdy person but I am never that kind of person who fights people.

“On that occasion I acted in self-defence because my life was in danger,” said Jah Master.

Similar sentiments were echoed by Jah Master’s close associate who accompanied him to Chinhoyi enroute to Bulawayo.

“What happened was regrettable but we were lucky to leave the place alive considering that the artisanal minors were baying for our blood.

“At the hall, there was only one entrance being used to enter and leave the venue and we were held hostage for close to three hours.

“Our plan was to make a guest appearance and then leave for Bulawayo but we were sold a dummie by the Chinhoyi promoter who ambushed us knowing exactly that it would be difficult for us to leave without a performance.

“For him, we own but he put our lives at risk,” he said.

The associate who also help in running Jah Master’s affairs said they had also learnt a lesson, albeit the hard way.

“We have realised that we need to beef our security team as well as understand the promoters we are dealing with in future.

“Over the years, we have had fans who jump on stage but don’t cause harm to the artistes.

“However, it appears we overlooked our potential and that could be the reason why the event ended in nasty fashion as was the case.

“As management, we have realized that there is need for us to beef our security and study nature of fans we are playing for,” he said.

Despite their defence for their fracas, Jah Master’s associate apologised for the unfortunate incident which has left them with a bad image.

“We are really sorry for the incident and we have since contacted the person whom we attacked and only realised he was drunk.

“We will keep in touch with him but we are really sorry to our fans, sponsors and friends who have believed in us.

“It was poor judgement on our side but we deserve another chance after that debacle.

“Of course many people did not expect this to happen but we are really sorry that we are now trending for that fracas.

“To our fans, we urge them to believe in us and our brand; in life we all make mistakes and it would not be fair to be sacrificed over that incident,” he added.

— HMetro

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