Ginimbi’s death: Angry Zimbabweans set Rolls Royce ‘on fire’


Following the tragic accident that claimed the life of Zimbabwean businessman and socialite, Genius Ginimbi Kadungure and three others, Zimbabweans took their wrath to the official Rolls Royce Facebook Page complaining over the accident.

Ginimbi’s Rolls Royce had a head-on collision with a Honda Fit before skidding into a tree and catching fire, killing all four passengers. Three of the passengers, Mitchelle Moana Amuli, Alichia Adams and Kareem were burnt beyond recognition while Ginimbi managed to leave the car before dying five minutes later, according to an eye-witness.

Rolls Royce Wreckage

People belittled the Rolls Royce Wraith safety features compared to it’s cost and questioned how the Honda Fit it collided with survived the clash. Below are some of the over 17200 comments on the Rolls Royce FB Page, most of which were spiced with humour and exaggerations . . .

Faith Berry
Rolls Royce do you know our Ginimbi was so loyal to you he bought 2 of your cars the ghost and the wraith. You should have been honest from the start. Had you told us that your car is a moving barbeque machine we would have bought one for……. If only we knew this car is a moving crematorium. Now our brother our motivator our mentor is gone our rich young millionaire .

Honda Fit wreckage

We are so traumatised we are thinking of burning down his remaining rolls royce. Our beautiful slay queens survived the impact but your doors and seat belts could not open for us to save their lives and when the car exploded we could hear their painful screams for help until the very last scream. We are traumatised by your cars.

Josh Porter
I just looked the incident up. The whole incident is tragic. I’m sorry to the people of Zimbabwe. Will there be an investigation into what caused the fire? Surely there are factors that we don’t know?

Sandie Motsi
U stabbed us on the soft meat RR. Our tv is gone. His life was our entertainment.

Salo Mun
You have killed our bread winner, will stick to Honda fit

Chantelle Fah Makwanya
You killed our fellow brothers and sisters with this your useless car please we want a refund ….#BringBackOur$5Million

Moreblessing Mafumani
Do you know he used to do a door to door delivery of Christmas hampers to every Zimbabwean? And your stupid car has just ruined our 2020 Christmas abeg we need our compensation or else you wont have peace hatiitirwe izvozvo..!Asante Sana

Elinera Rue Manyonga
Muri zvimbwasungata zvevanhu mota yenyu kuuraya mbinga yedu Ginimbi ndisati ndaenda ku all white party here here.

Mercy Kamanura
We are only left with Roy and Royce in Zim, our Rolls-Royce and Mbinga gone just like that mota kuita mapepa itai something, you can’t definitely bring back our mbingaldo but you can definitely refund us, Zozo will inbox you banking details.. For now Honda Fit is Fitter than RR yenyu iyo

Natalie Mammi Chloe
Busy ku charger mari yejongwe panhiyo ana musorobhangu. Tumota twenyu ndetwenhando! How does a $3000 car hit your expensive car once and it burst into flames? You’re a scam.

When I grow up I want to buy a Honda fit.

Simeon Sya Desir
Beautiful from thought, design to finish… My sincerest apologies to my Zimbabwe family on your tragic loss as well.

Thamsanqa Jacob Maseko
He was also our father, he paid school fees for everyone in Zimbabwe. RR should reimburse us.

Nomathemba Primrose Ndebele
We want champagne showers every weekend from you wicked people We are a small nation with a population of 14 million but the other 7 million are in other countries… you will have to send champagne in their countries of residence

I’m not from Zimbabwe but RR i think they deserve an explanation and you should compensate them for all the cars this Mbinga bought. Zviri kutondirwadzawo. I’m now purchasing a honda fit.

— HMetro

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