JUST IN: Manager Shaleen Nullends clarifies issues concerning the late Ginimbi’s wealth


IT is a Thursday afternoon and people with homesteads around the late socialite Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure’s mansion start trooping in for the buffet which would be served at lunch time.

The buffet comprises mashed potato and butternut, fried rice, beef stew, chicken roast, coleslaw salad, green salad, fried vegetables and sadza.

A crowd numbering about 300 people is already scattered around the yard and alert security guards are dotted at every entrance at the mansion guarding Ginimbi’s property.

The eye-catching mansion is said to comprise six bedrooms, a fully equipped gym and a 14-seater state-of-the-art cinema.

The mansion has an open plan type design with door-less entrances connecting the rooms that have each been built with a balcony.

On the ground floor is a large kitchen, lounge, small ‘‘reception’’, gym, cinema, guest bedrooms and an entire guest wing which is detached from the main house by a series of garages for Kadungure’s top-of-the-range cars.

Kadungure died on November 8 in a road accident along Borrowdale Road that also claimed the lives of three of his friends; Limumba Karim, Mitchelle “Moana” Amuli and Alicia Adams.

Soon after lunch is served the master of ceremony Arthur Mugomo invites everyone to move closer to the mansion entrance where they break into hymns as they ready themselves for afternoon service.

Kadungure’s father also drags his chair and sits among the crowd unbothered by a council of elders deliberating on crucial aspects concerning the funeral; they are seated at the far right.

As the service begins Kadungure’s manager for seven years Shaleen Nullends clarifies issues concerning the late socialite’s businesses.

She reveals that Kadungure had been doing very well in a gas and trucking business in Botswana and South Africa with up to 150 people under his employ. He was also the founder of seven companies.

“In the past two months he was actually working on upgrading certain things. He had a big fleet in South Africa, we are talking about 26 trucks which he sold; so he was not selling to say he was dying or that his business was going down but that they had depreciated and he wanted to buy new ones.

“Genius was excellent when it comes to creating a structure. He knew how to delegate duties so you would find that in all the companies the structures were very strong. It is very unfortunate that the brain behind the ideas is gone now.

“Even if all of us were educated more than he was there was something about him in the way he was structuring things.”

Nullends said no decisions had been made over inheritance issues and dispelled rumours that his sister Nelia Kadungure would be taking over his businesses

“I think right now it is important for people to understand that the family is mourning. The family is not focused on what is going on about his business or assets. The family is hurt that he is gone and it is sad that with people outside there are different rumours going around,” Nullends said.

She said Kadungure did not have a child.

“For the seven years that I had known him Genius never had a child.”

— DailyNews

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