Who is going to take over Ginimbi’s companies?: This is what manager Shaleen Manhire-Nullens said


THE late socialite and controversial businessman Genius Ginimbi Kadungure’s manager of seven years has described him as a disciplined businessman who was working on expanding his businesses before his untimely death.

Shaleen Manhire-Nullens spoke to ZBC News at the late socialite’s mansion in Domboshava where mourners are gathered.

“I’ve worked with Genius for seven years, I started off managing his media side because he wanted to be known in South Africa first then after about two years I started working with him a lot in the trucking business.

“He’s big in gas, he’s actually in the top three in the gas business in Botswana which a lot of people were not aware of and it’s actually nice that you asked such a question because he was big in gas. He was big in energy when it comes to truck businesses, in diesel etc so I started doing more than just media for him, more on the corporate side when it came to his businesses.”

When she was asked how many people are employed by the late Ginimbi’s companies, she said, “When you look at Botswana he has about 100 and something workers, in South Africa it was a smaller team because it was mostly drivers than those in the office.”

Manhire also dismissed rumours that Ginimbi had started selling his trucks in South Africa two months before his death.

“No it’s not true, in the past two months he was actually working on upgrading certain things, he had a big fleet of about 26 trucks so with trucks its normal to sell other trucks to buy more, so he wasn’t selling because he was dying or his business was going down, he was selling because the trucks had depreciated, he was upgrading to the next,” she said.

On the plan next for the businesses, Manhire said “Genius was excellent when it comes to creating a structure, his delegations were amazing, he knew how to delegate work and duties, so you find that all the company structures are very strong.

“It’s just very unfortunate that he was the brains behind the structure even if all of us were educated more than he was, there was something he had inside which he used to manage structures, and then for us who went far with education would now put a bit of the books on the structures he would have come up with, it’s just unfortunate that the brains behind the ideas is gone, the number of companies he founded is a couple of them, more than seven of them,” she said.

On who’s going to take over the companies following his death, she said it’s important for the public to understand that the family is mourning their loved one.

“Right now it’s important for people to understand that the family is mourning, they aren’t focused on who is taking what because they are hurt that he is gone, it’s sad that there different articles, news going around but I can tell you that the family isn’t worried about what’s going around with the business or the assets, they are hurt because they have lost someone they love,” she said.

— HMetro

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