JUST IN: Late Ginimbi Kadungure’s manager of 7 years Shaleen Manhire-Nullens HAILED!


Hundreds of internet users have hailed the late Ginimbi’s manager for remaining professional after his death.

This came up after the late socialite’s manager of seven years Shaleen Manhire-Nullens responded to questions from journalists at his Domboshava mansion.

There was a general consensus in the comment section that she had answered the questions professionally without volunteering too much information about the deceased’s businesses and plans for the future.

Below are some of the comments

@enchantressbynate_: This is how a professional PR manager handles media. Well-articulated and very composed and eloquent. I stan an educated queen.

@ngoni_01: She knows her role and she does it so perfectly. Indeed she’s a manager.

@aygailcollections: Ginimbi was smart indeed, we can see from the choice of manager. Well-done girl.

@awesome_polite: Finally someone cleared the air.

@misspattygh: Very eloquent and expressive.

@_pweetypee: She is actually very cautious with answering these questions, if I may say. Intelligent indeed.

@cut_finest_hotseat: Haaa Ataura Chokwadi Ginimbi yaive mbinga abva atosvika kudenga achino Clear Chikwereti chemvura tanzwa nekunayiwa.

@asher_drey: She smart … didn’t say too much. She just said the right amount of answers.

@craig_musvipa: Here’s someone explaining the juju of hard work.

@xo._.natash._.a: Do y’all see how Ginimbi was a loyal man. See how most of the people he worked with knew him for a long time.

@shazy9113: This is how you address the media and others must take notes. No wonder Ginimbi chose her as his manager. With such people on your team unosvika kure!

— HMetro

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