GINIMBI’S DEATH: Talent Madungwe who went to heaven, had braai with God & arrested Satan at it AGAIN


CONTROVERSIAL self styled prophet Talent Madungwe has caused a storm after he categorically stated in the video posted below that Genius Ginimbi Kadungure’s death was a one way ticket to hell because “he was not serving God.”

He said the late millionaire businessman did not qualify for the heavenly paradise.

Madungwe known for his bizarre claims concerning his role in heaven says that Ginimbi did not live a Godly life hence his failure to qualify.

He was speaking to comrade Fatso on Magamba Tv when he made such startling claims alluding there is no remand in heaven.

Mudungwe said:

“A person enters hell or heaven as soon as they die. Let me speak about Ginimbi’s issue.

“We don’t have a remand in heaven but what we know is Ginimbi was not serving God so we can not expect him in heaven, thatone we can confirm to you that he has failed to qualify for heaven.”

While emphasizing many times that Ginimbi went to hell, did not qualify for paradise, Madungwe also dismissed recent social media reports claiming that Ginimbi and Moana were in remand.

All kinds of derogatory terms and brickbats have been hurled at Prophet Talent Madungwe. Prophet Madungwe stands by his word. While some say he is crazy, his character has gone beyond bizarre and even controversy.

His claims are even more bewildering as he says he has met God, not once but three times. Prophet Madungwe’s prophecies have gone beyond God’s visit, they include the supper he claims he had with the Almighty.

He has been called names, some have even dismissed him as deranged, but Prophet Talent Madungwe sticks to his word; he has met God, he had braai with God, he scheduled for a third visit to Heaven.

“It is only by the grace of God that I am the one chosen to receive the honour of meeting God and like what happened when Mary was going to give birth to Jesus no one would believe but she had been chosen,” he said in an interview with the State-owned Herald.

A very confident man in speech and character, there could be flaws and inconsistences in his story but Prophet Madungwe believes he is the “chosen one”.

Born on June 18, 1986, Prophet Madungwe believes his calling does not need the kind of media blitz his word has attracted.

See video below:

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