Chiwenga uses Chinese intelligence to get ahead of ‘place holder’ Mnangagwa, foils his game plan


VICE President, Rtd General Constantino Chiwenga, recently reportedly foiled an orwellian plot, allegedly hatched by President Emmerson Mnangagwa, to desperately cling in office and guarantee himself a second term in three years time, by using the current coronavirus pandemic to place the country under perpetual lockdown and restrictions, Spotlight Zimbabwe, heard this week.

According to diplomatic sources in Pretoria, close to Chinese intelligence officials, the Chinese government is said to have advised the VP to takeover the ministry of health portfolio in Zimbabwe, as “the incumbent had plotted a life presidency” under the pretext of coronavirus lockdown measures.

“Chiwenga did not become minister of health by accident,” said one of the envoys, who has previously served a term in Harare.

“Beijing through it’s foreign intelligence wing actually advised your vice president to takeover the ministry of health as minister well before his subsequent appointment in August, in order to foil advanced plans by the current administration to put the country on perpetual national lockdown using the pandemic, to enable President Mnangagwa to entrench his rule, while plotting a life presidency, and ruling the country using only presidential powers.”

Mnangagwa, has been using the Presidential Powers (Temporary Measures) Act, to issue an array of Statutory Instruments, since the global pandemic struck in December 2019.

The contentious Act empowers the President to make regulations dealing with situations that have arisen or are likely to arise and that require to be dealt with as a matter of urgency.

A senior government insider yesterday admitted that Mnangagwa was stopped in his tracks by Chiwenga, from implementing his perpetual lockdowns, as another subtle way to also manage ruling party faction wars and prevent discussion around his succession.

“It’s true the plot was disabled and foiled,” she said.

“Chiwenga used Chinese intelligence to get ahead of Mnangagwa, and prevent his game plan of remaining in power beyond 2023. The lockdowns were going to last until 2023, and at that point his lacoste faction was going to tinker with the Zanu PF and national constitution, to enable Mnangagwa to get away with a life presidency.”

The administration official also said another reason, Chiwenga could have acted swiftly on Mnangagwa’s failed plot, are growing and disturbing reports inside the presidency, that Mnangagwa is part of a globalist fraternity bent on using the coronavirus chaos to “reset the world” and “usher in a new world order”.

“Mnangagwa is thought to be an instrument and front of the globalists in Zimbabwe. They were actually instrumental in helping him, to deceive Chiwenga with the coup against Mugabe in November 2017. The VP regrets being used, and is working to remove Mnangagwa with patience. He has said it kuti vaMnangagwa imbato chete (Mnangagwa is just a place holder).

Last month, prominent American broadcaster, Alex Jones, revealed in a video interview with JRE Clips: “The globalists’ plan to use the COVID-19 hysteria to usher in their New World Order by implementing a “Great Reset” of energy, food, and resource consumption and basic travel in the name of saving humanity from itself.”

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— Spotlight

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